Staff Directory

Name Email Phone
Laura Bedford
Library Specialist - Preservation
bedford [at] 650-723-5018
Linda Bernard
Deputy Archivist
linda.bernard [at] 650-723-0141
Samira Bozorgi
Assistant Archivist - Exhibits
sbozorgi [at] 650-725-3563
Brandon Burke
Library Assistant - Hourly
brburke [at]  
Jean Cannon
Assistant Archivist - Communications & Outreach
jmcannon [at] 650-723-1512
Bronweyn Coleman
Program Manager
bronweyn [at] 650-723-9511
Irena Czernichowska
Administrative Associate
irenac [at] 650-725-3473
Paige Davenport
Assistant Archivist - Projects
pdavenport [at] 650-721-2719
Sally DeBauche
Assistant Archivist - Digital
debauche [at] 650-723-2132
James Fayne
Library Specialist - Preservation
jfayne [at] 650-723-5018
Terry Gammon
Library Specialist
tgammon [at] 650-723-2058
Rayan Ghazal
Head of Book and Paper Preservation
rayan [at] 650-723-5018
Haidar Hadi
Digital Database Developer
hhadi [at] 650-725-9856
Michael Herrick
Russian Cataloger & Project Archivist
mherrick [at] 650-725-5006
Fiore Irving
Digitization Specialist
firving [at] 650-723-3501
David Jacobs
Assistant Archivist - Projects
david.jacobs [at] 650-723-1523
Vishnu Jani
Archival Specialist - Visual Collections
vishnu9 [at] 650-725-7690
Daniel Jarvis
Assistant Archivist - Digital
djarvis [at] 650-723-3501
Kurtis Kekkonen
Library Specialist - Preservation
kurtisk [at] 650-723-5018
Lyalya Kharitonova
Archival Specialist
lyalyak [at] 650-724-7342
Herb S. Klein
Curator - Latin American Collection
hklein [at] 650-725-5026
Hsiao-ting Lin
Curator - Modern China Collection
htlin [at] 650-736-9035
Merinell Loring
Executive Assistant
merinell [at] 650-723-3156
Jorge Machado
Library Specialist
jmachado [at] 650-723-2058
Lisa Nguyen
Curator for Digital Scholarship and Asia Initiatives
lisa.nguyen [at] 650-723-2050
Sarah Patton
Archivist for Public Services
spatton [at] 650-723-2065
Elizabeth Phillips
Associate Archivist - Processing
ekphillips [at] 650-725-3471
Dale Reed
Manuscript Cataloger
dalereed [at] 650-725-3470
James Sam
Digital Migration Analyst
jsam [at] 650-726-0961
Marissa Schleicher
Project Archivist for Exhibits
marissa8 [at] 650-724-9711
Anatol Shmelev
Robert Conquest Curator for Russia and Eurasia
RFE/RL Project Archivist
shmelev [at] 650-724-6200
Sang-Suk Shon
Library Specialist - Microfilm
sshon [at] 650-725-6298
Maciej Siekierski
Senior Curator - European Collection
siekierski [at] 650-725-6955
Lora Soroka
Assistant Archivist - Russian Projects
lsoroka [at] 650-723-3061
David Sun
Administrative Associate
dsun1 [at] 650-725-3472
Malgosia Szudelski
Archival Specialist
gms [at] 650-725-3429
Justyna Szulc
Library Assistant - Hourly
jszulc [at]  
Danielle Scott Taylor
Curator - North American Collection
Collections Manager
drscott1 [at] 650-723-3428
Issayas Tesfamariam
Head of Microfilming
issayas [at] 650-725-6298
Paul Thomas
Librarian - Cataloging and Reference Services
phthomas [at] 650-723-2054
Kaoru "Kay" Ueda
Curator of the Japanese Diaspora Collection
kueda [at] 650-723-1007
Eric Wakin
Robert H. Malott Director of Library & Archives
Deputy Director and Research Fellow
wakin [at] 650-725-7750