Research Assistance

Archival and manuscript materials may be examined in the reading room of the Hoover Institution Archives. Reference service is provided by professional staff members for both reading room users and persons writing or telephoning for information. Limited photocopies of archival and manuscript materials may be furnished, in accordance with our reproduction policy.


Staff time limitations prevent us from effecting extensive searches involving detailed research or selection of documents for photocopying. The Hoover Institution L&A maintains a list of graduate students and others who are willing to do such research for a fee. To request a copy of the list, please contact


After consulting the list, you should contact the research assistant directly.  Most of the research assistants on the list are charging in the $30-$40 per hour range. The Hoover Institution assumes no responsibility for any research assignments, payments or agreements between you and the research assistant.


Please contact only one research assistant at a time.  Let that person know that if you do not receive a response within a set period of time (e.g. three business days) you will approach someone else on the research assistants list.


Digital cameras are permitted in the Hoover Institution Archives reading room. There is also a self-service photocopy machine in the Archives reading room. Your research assistant may elect to use it instead of a camera, in which case the cost, $0.15 per copy, plus postage, will be included in the assistant's bill.

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