Using the Chiang Kai-shek diaries (調閱蔣介石日記)

PLEASE NOTE: In preparation for a significant construction and renovation project that will prepare the Hoover Institution for its second century of activities, the Library & Archives reading rooms will be closed to researchers from December 24, 2018, to the early months of 2020. During this period, our collections and our public services will be unavailable, but our collecting, exhibition program, and other activities will continue.

The Hoover Institution has been helping preserve the handwritten diaries of Chiang Kai-shek since Chiang family members deposited them at Hoover in 2005. To ensure the preservation of the diaries, and to conform to the wishes of family members, use copies of the handwritten pages are available at the Hoover Archives.

Diaries available for use in the Hoover Archives Reading Room. The Chiang Kai-shek diaries are served one folder at a time.


Before Examining

Before examining the paper copies of the diaries, users must sign an agreement stating that:

  • Quotations from the diaries may not be published, broadcast, or redistributed in any form, without the written permission of the Chiang family, which retains copyright;

  • The diaries may not be photocopied nor photographed, so only handwritten notes may be taken;

  • Cameras, cell phones, computers, scanners, and other image capture devices, as well as tape recorders and other recording devices, are not allowed while using the diaries;

  • Violations of the agreement may result in forfeiture of the privilege to access materials at the Hoover Institution Library and Archives.


Request Additional Information

Learn more about the diaries and place requests to read the diaries via the Online Archives of California Chiang Kai-Shek collection guide. Click on the "Request" button at the top of the collection guide. Select checkboxes (up to 10 folders) you would like to view and submit for retrieval at the bottom of your screen. This action will prompt you to login to your Aeon account. If you need to add additional information to your request, do so before you schedule your retrieval or keep the item in your review list.

To request any library and/or archival material, all users must first agree to the Hoover L&A conditions of use and create an account with Aeon, the Hoover L&A Request System.


Before registering, you may wish to read the Aeon FAQ, which may answer questions you might have about the Aeon request management system.


Upon Arrival 

Upon arrival to the library or archives reading room, you will be required to show a government-issued photo ID to complete the registration process. Your photo will also be taken for a Hoover L&A reader card.

Please note that no jackets or sweaters with pockets are allowed in the Archives Reading Room. Please bring a sweater without pockets in case you get cold.

胡佛檔案館聲明:由於胡佛研究所即將起建新大樓,胡佛檔案館將於2018年12月24日起,閉館一年時間, 以⁠利館藏檔案文件的搬遷、安置與其他相關作業,我們預計2020年初重新對外開放,並恢復正常讀者服務,檔⁠案館閉館期間所帶來的不便, 我們深表遺憾,並請各位讀者見諒。

2005年底胡佛檔案館與蔣介石家屬達成暫存協議,由胡佛保存蔣介石日記原件, 並將日記複印件對全世界閱覽者公開。



Before Examining


  • 日記版權屬於蔣家家屬所有,在未徵得蔣家家屬同意之前,不得對蔣日記內容加以引用、出版、廣播、或者以其他任何形式加以流通;

  • 讀者不得對日記進行照相或影印,僅能夠對內容進行抄錄;

  • 讀者不得使用照相機、手機、電腦、掃描器,或者其他任何足以攝取日記影像之裝置,讀者亦不得使用錄音機或者其他相關之錄音器材;

  • 違反如上規定者,將失去日後利用胡佛檔案館館藏之權利。


Request Additional Information

有關蔣介石日記之相關細節,請點閱如下網址: Online Archives of California Chiang Kai-Shek collection guide. 在該網頁上端,您可以點選「申請」(Request) 鍵,選擇您所欲調閱的卷宗夾(每次至多十個),完成之後,請點選該網頁下方的「提交」(Submit) 鍵,此一動作將引導您進入胡佛檔案館最新實施的檔案調閱系統頁 (Aeon) 面,以利您進行帳號登錄。

所有閱覽者在調閱胡佛檔案館與圖書館館藏之前,都需先在胡佛檔案調閱系統 (Aeon) , the Hoover L&A Request System) 進行登錄,取得帳號,並同意遵守胡佛檔案館的相關規定。




Upon Arrival 




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