Decision 2016: Healthcare

FDA's Power Grab
By David Henderson

The agency has changed its own rules and now seeks to regulate drugs that pre-date its founding.

EpiPens and Drug Pricing
By Richard Epstein 

Is corporate greed or bad public policy to blame for the latest drug pricing controversy?

The Right Cure To Health Care
By Scott W. Atlas

“Facts show that private insurance is superior to government insurance for both access and quality of medical care.”

Rescuing ObamaCare
By Scott Atlas and John Cogan

The best cure? High-deductible plans and health savings accounts.

Instead Of ObamaCare: Giving Health-Care Power To The People
By Lanhee Chen and James Capretta

The next president can replace the Affordable Care Act and focus on consumer choice. Here’s how.

Pill of Great Price
By David R. Henderson

As Sovaldi demonstrates, even a very expensive new drug can save money. A prescription for strong patents and less government price-fixing.

Waiting for Dr. Godot
By Scott Atlas

Long treatment delays at VA hospitals shouldn’t shock us. In countries with government health care monopolies, waiting months—even years—represents business as usual.

Real Medicare Reform
By Daniel Kessler

Medicare's out-of-control spending is the natural result of its centralized, politicized structure. The creation of a centralized board of cost controllers — all political appointees — is thus not the way to address it.

The Car Insurance Model
By Scott W. Atlas

We need to hold individuals accountable for reckless, voluntary behaviors that drive up the cost of healthcare.