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Who Is To Blame For Polarization In America?

quoting Morris P. Fiorinavia St. Louis Jewish Light
Friday, September 27, 2019

It has been commonly observed that polarization in America has increased greatly in recent years. It is hard to disagree, given the rancorous political discourse we witness on a daily basis between the two major political parties, not to mention among many friends and neighbors. However, it is useful to remind ourselves that the current polarization is not completely new or unprecedented in scale.


City Talks: Jonathan Rodden On The Deep Roots Of The Urban-Rural Political Divide

interview with Jonathan Roddenvia Centre for Cities
Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Hoover Institution fellow Jonathan Rodden discusses his book Why Cities Lose: The Deep Roots of the Urban-Rural Political Divide, as well as the origins of America’s urban-rural political divide and how economic geography shapes elections – both in the USA and beyond.

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General James Mattis’ Plea To Resettle Iraqi Refugees

quoting General Jim Mattisvia Niskanen Center
Tuesday, September 24, 2019

“All Americans need to recognize that our democracy is an experiment—and one that can be reversed,” former Marine Gen. and Secretary of Defense James Mattis warned in his first public statement since leaving the Trump cabinet earlier this year. That experiment relies on the ability of Americans who fight for our democracy and sacrifice to protect our way of life to do so effectively.

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Area 45: Daniel Heil Discusses “America Off Balance”

interview with Daniel Heilvia Area 45
Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Educating the public on the perils of Washington’s budget-reform inaction.

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Law Talk With Epstein & Yoo #125: “Greek Fire”

interview with Richard A. Epstein, John Yoovia Hoover Daily Report
Monday, September 23, 2019

The Ukraine controversy, Iran-Saudi Arabia conflict, vaping restrictions, California’s emissions regulations, and more.

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Peter Thiel on “The Straussian Moment”

interview with Peter A. Thielvia Uncommon Knowledge
Monday, September 23, 2019


Peter Thiel, cofounder of PayPal and Palantir, discusses his essay “The Straussian Moment,” describing how the ancients believed in the power of the intellect and the weakness of the will, but how today we believe the opposite. We want machines to do the thinking, because we don’t trust rationality. Also, Thiel gives his overview on the current American political scene and discusses whether he will endorse President Trump in 2020.

Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution Collection, Box 2, Hoover Institution Archives
Analysis and Commentary

Believe It Or Not, Democracy Will Live Or Die At The Shopping Mall

by Markos Kounalakisvia Miami Herald
Thursday, September 19, 2019

Globally, malls have become renewed public squares. They also are where a revived Chinese democracy movement is finding a home. Demonstrators, peacefully gathering , singing songs of freedom and waving Hong Kong flags, are defying Beijing by packing into places like the Amoy Plaza megamall.

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Area 45: Alabama Rep. Gary Palmer On House Republican Policy

interview with Gary Palmervia Area 45
Wednesday, September 18, 2019

What do House Republicans plan to showcase this fall in the way of ideas and initiatives?

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The Libertarian: The Beauty Of Roman Law

interview with Richard A. Epsteinvia The Libertarian
Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Ancient Rome created a body of law more sophisticated than anything the world had ever seen — and it’s still relevant today.

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Condoleezza Rice: Trump Admin’s ‘Commitment To Human Rights’ Not ‘As Strong As I Would Like’

quoting Condoleezza Ricevia Breitbart
Friday, September 13, 2019

During a portion of an interview aired on Friday’s edition of PBS’ “Firing Line,” former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated that the Trump administration’s commitment to human rights and democracy isn’t “as strong as I would like” but there have been “flashes” of such a commitment in Venezuela, Syria, and with the Taliban.


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