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Geographic Collections

The Africa Collection has extensive holdings of books, serials, newspapers, pamphlets, government documents, society publications, and manuscript and archival materials as well as political ephemera. It concentrates on the period from 1870 to the present and covers history, politics, economics, colonial administration, military and police affairs, political and social movements, communism, and socialism in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Americas Collection documents political, economic, and social developments in the Western Hemisphere. Collecting on the United States has focused on the history of this country during the two world wars and the Korean and Vietnam Wars and on U.S. foreign policy and relations with other countries throughout the twentieth century. The South American Collection encompasses political and, to a lesser degree, economic and social developments in selected countries.

East Asia
The collection consists of archival and special materials in the Chinese and Japanese languages acquired by the Hoover Institution in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

East Europe
The East European Collection focuses primarily on events since the beginning of the twentieth century and on research materials in the original languages.

Middle East
The Middle East Collection concentrates on twentieth-century history, politics, economics, military affairs, political and social movements, communism and socialism, education as a factor in political and social change, and U.S. national security affairs.

Russia and Eurasia
The Russia and Eurasia Collection is one of the world's great scholarly resources for the study of this area in the twentieth century. Subject areas collected include twentieth-century history, politics, government, economics, military affairs, and political and social movements, especially communism.

West Europe
The West European Collection concentrates on the acquisition of special materials such as parliamentary debates; reports of ministries; documents on foreign affairs; and monographic literature in the diverse European languages in the fields of history, politics and government, economics, and international relations. A particularly strong commitment has existed through the years to documenting of mass movements such as communism, fascism, and national socialism.

Non-Geographic Collections

Radio and television broadcasts focus on news and public affairs programming, primarily since the 1950s. The Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty broadcasts reached out to audiences in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. English-language broadcasts include speeches presented to the Commonwealth Club of California and William F. Buckley's Firing Line television program.

As one of the largest repositories of primary sources relating to twentieth and twenty-first century European and Russian history, the Hoover Institution Archives has numerous documents concerning Jewish individuals and organizations dispersed throughout its collections. Although Hoover has no formal Judaica collection as such, certain collections comprise, either in part or in their entirety, a virtual collection of Judaica-related materials. Some highlights of these materials are presented here to introduce researchers to collections concerning modern Jewish history.

In the years since its inception in 1919, the Hoover Library has collected approximately 140,000 pamphlets, making it one of the few institutions in the world to preserve these ephemeral items. Hoover Library's pamphlets cover primarily political and social issues and events, among them the evolution of parties and movements, that shaped our past.

More than one hundred thousand political posters from around the world are available in the Hoover Archives poster collection. Thirty-three thousand of these are cataloged in a searchable database.