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The Hoover Institution operates an extensive research program that relies on the expertise and drive of its scholars. To focus the work of the Institution around common themes and priorities, the director has set out various programs for coordinating scholarly research.

Programmatic Themes
Ideas defining a free society are conceived and disseminated within the framework of three programs: American Institutions and Economic Performance, Democracy and Free Markets, and International Rivalries and Global Cooperation.

Institutional Initiatives
Substantial financial and intellectual resources are directed to seven institutional initiatives, multiyear projects in which Hoover fellows and other scholars focus on specific and important topics pertaining to our mission:

Task Forces
The task forces emphasize a collective approach (rather than the more traditional individual methodology) to work on commonly defined topics and projects.

Projects & Programs

The Institution continues to build its presence and identity in Washington, D.C., and the greater Bay Area by hosting and sponsoring a variety of symposia and conferences.