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Andrew Roberts


Andrew Roberts is an honorary senior scholar at and has a PhD from Caius College, Cambridge. He is a Visiting Professor at the War Studies Department of King’s College, London, and the Lehrman Distinguished Fellow at the New York Historical Society. His thirteen books include Salisbury: Victorian Titan (1999), which won the Wolfson History Prize and the James Stern Silver Pen Award; Masters and Commanders (2010), which won the Emery Reves Prize; and The Storm of War (2012), which won the British Army Military Book of the Year Award. His latest book, Napoleon: A Life (Penguin), appeared in October 2014 and won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Biography. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and a director of the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, where he is presently chairman of the judging panel for its Military Book of the Year Prize. His website is at

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Okhrana Records, Box 237, Hoover Institution Archives.
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Proper Military Balance As A Hedge Against An Uncertain Future

by Andrew Robertsvia Strategika
Thursday, May 1, 2014

The only thing that is predictable in warfare is its unpredictability. As soon as experts, general staffs, and politicians decide what they believe will be the nature of the next war in order to prepare for it properly, an entirely different kind of conflict happens. The witness of history is so uniform in this regard that it needs to become a general law of warfare: The war we expect and plan for is never the one we’re called upon to fight.

Is there any chance that Europe, either in common or in terms of individual Euro

The Decline of Europe’s Military Might

by Andrew Robertsvia Strategika
Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Andrew Roberts discusses Europe’s flagging commitment to NATO, the potential threat from Russia, and what, if anything, the United States can do to arrest the decline.

Analysis and Commentary

Is There Any Chance That Europe, Either in Common or in Terms of Individual European Nations - In Particular Britain, France, or Germany - Will Recoup Its Military Capability?

by Andrew Roberts, Angelo M. Codevilla, Josef Joffevia Strategika
Thursday, October 10, 2013

Withdrawal: European problems and the EU crisis make NATO increasingly irrelevant to U.S. security.

31% (41 votes)

Poster Collection, UK 2798, Hoover Institution Archives.
Background Essay

The Decline of Europe’s Military Might

by Andrew Robertsvia Strategika
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Andrew Roberts

The Storm of War

with Andrew Robertsvia Uncommon Knowledge
Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This week on Uncommon Knowledge historian Andrew Roberts discusses, with Hoover research fellow Peter Robinson, his book The Storm of War: A New History of the Second World War. In the book, Roberts investigates what led up to the war, the historical factors responsible for Hitler’s rise to power, Hitler’s shortcomings as a military leader, Nazi Germany’s defeat, and Allied contributions to the victory. (38:15)