Jeremy Carl

Research Fellow

Jeremy Carl is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, where he focuses on energy policy and U.S. politics.

He has served as a policy advisor to many national political figures on a variety of issues ranging from energy to electoral strategy; His academic writing on reforming California’s energy bureaucracy was praised by a bipartisan coalition of former California governors and his work on distributed power has been lauded by leaders ranging from senior Bush Administration energy officials to the former Democratic Party head of the Senate Energy Committee. His recent policy work for a prominent Republican governor was highlighted by The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and the National Review.

Before coming to Hoover, Carl was a research fellow at the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development at Stanford. Before that he was a research fellow in resource and development economics at the Energy and Resources Institute, India’s leading energy and environmental policy organization.

Jeremy’s scholarly work at Hoover focuses on energy and environmental policy, with an emphasis on energy security, climate policy, energy innovation and global fuel markets. In addition he has continued previous research on energy politics and policy in India and China.  Outside of his energy work he is a frequently sought-out commentator on U.S. politics and elections.

Carl is the author or editor of several books, including Powering the Armed Forces (with Admiral Gary Roughead), Conversations about Energy: How the Experts See America’s Energy Choices and Assessing the Role of Distributed Power Systems in the US Power Sector. His work has appeared in numerous professional journals in the energy and environmental field.

His political writing and commentary has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street JournalTime Magazine, National Review, Politico,the Economist, and many other leading newspapers and magazines.

Jeremy received a BA with distinction from Yale University. He holds an MPA from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and did doctoral work at Stanford University, where he was a Packard Foundation Stanford Graduate Fellow.

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Recent Commentary

Analysis and Commentary

More From The Debate: Race And Law And Order

by Jeremy Carlvia National Review
Monday, September 26, 2016

On crime, Trump goes directly to law and order. Touting police endorsements helps him with his base. Going after Chicago and Obama is a nice move. Lester Holt showing some overt hostility to Trump on the issue of stop-and-frisk. Ultimately I think this is a winning issue for Trump.

Will The Riots In Charlotte Help Elect Donald Trump?

by Jeremy Carl
Thursday, September 22, 2016

With every wave of anti-police violence and rioting, the chance of a backlash from fed-up voters grows.

Analysis and Commentary

The Atrocity In St. Cloud And The Continuing Somali Immigration Madness

by Jeremy Carlvia National Review
Monday, September 19, 2016

About a month ago, I wrote a piece on how Donald Trump, however inartfully, had raised the important issue of Somali mass immigration that the rest of the GOP had steadily ignored. As I mentioned then, Scott Johnson at Power Line has done great work on this issue.

Analysis and Commentary

Why The Democrats Are Fighting The Biggest Carbon Tax In American History

by Jeremy Carlvia National Review
Tuesday, August 30, 2016

They don’t like that it’s revenue neutral.

Analysis and Commentary

NPR’s Climate Propaganda: Arrogance Masquerading As Self-Sacrifice

by Jeremy Carlvia National Review
Friday, August 26, 2016

The idea that people should stop bearing children because of the threat of climate change is preposterous.

GOP Image

Equal Justice, White Identity Politics, and the Battle for the GOP’s Future

by Jeremy Carl
Friday, August 19, 2016

I’m delighted that my most recent article on white identity politics, Trump, and the GOP drew responses from Jonah Goldberg (whose fine initial piece prompted me to write) and the equally prolific and incisive Avik Roy.

Trump’s Coalition: Nationalism, White-Identity Politics, Or Justice-Seeking?

by Jeremy Carl
Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jonah Goldberg had an important piece in NRO yesterday on whether the Trump coalition is motivated primarily by nationalism or white-identity politics. It’s important for what it gets right about Trump — but equally so for what I believe it misses.

Analysis and Commentary

Trump Takes On Somali Immigration

by Jeremy Carlvia National Review
Thursday, August 11, 2016

Scott Johnson wrote a great piece at Power Line earlier this week, referencing the Trump campaign’s raising the issue of mass Somali immigration to the U.S. and Trump’s linking this issue to that of the numerous young Somali-Americans who have attempted and/or succeeded in joining terrorist groups, including ISIS, abroad. 

Khizr Khan And The Media’s Donald Duck Hunting

by Jeremy Carl
Friday, August 5, 2016

The conversation we aren’t having: Mass immigration from Muslim-majority countries remains an insane policy.

Harvard Republicans: Check Your Privilege

by Jeremy Carl
Friday, August 5, 2016

The Harvard Republican Club refuses to endorse Donald Trump.