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Sherley You’re Joking

quoting Adam J. Whitevia Yale Journal on Regulation
Wednesday, March 22, 2017

In a provocative post from last week, Adam White argued that the D.C. Circuit’s 2012 decision in Sherley v. Sebelius could create difficulties for parties who challenge agency actions taken pursuant to President Trump’s executive orders. Adam makes some good points, but I think Sherley is so badly reasoned that its holding ought to count for little in future cases. It’s worth explaining why.

Analysis and Commentary

Young People Robbed Of Individualism

by David Davenportvia Townhall
Wednesday, March 22, 2017

America used to be a land of “rugged individualism.” People came to this country so that the key decisions about their lives would no longer be made by kings and queens, or the church, or their social class, but rather for themselves. Individual freedom was promised by the Declaration of Independence and protected by the Constitution.


Judge Gorsuch's Back-Seat Drivers

by Adam J. Whitevia The Weekly Standard
Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Don't blame a judge for staying in his own lane.


Cancer Prevention, Occurrence And Treatment: A Game Of Probabilities

by Joel E. Tepper, Henry I. Millervia Forbes
Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"The Prevent-Cancer Diet!” “A New Molecular Target for Treating Pancreatic Cancer!” We are constantly bombarded with media announcements of miraculous breakthroughs, giving the false impression that cancer is well on the way to being eliminated as a serious threat, but non-experts–including most reporters–often fail to understand that the improvements are not like the Salk polio vaccine virtually wiping out a dread disease almost overnight.

Mark Cuban For President In 2020

by Alvin Rabushka
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mark Cuban is already the front-runner to secure the Democrat Party's nomination for president in 2020, and then challenge Donald Trump in the battle of billionaires for the White House.


Adam White: The CFPB’s Unconstitutional Design

interview with Adam J. Whitevia YouTube
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hoover Institution fellow Adam White's testimony in front of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations (Committee on Financial Services) Hearing: “The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection’s Unconstitutional Design.”

Using the Archives
In the News

Stanford Students Praise New Hands-On Approach To Archival Research

mentioning Hoover Institutionvia Stanford News
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Stanford students who experience a new archives-centric teaching approach stress the importance of exposure to primary historical materials for students of all disciplines.

In the News

House Subcommittee Examines How Federal Reserve Policy Supports Economic Growth

quoting John B. Taylorvia Financial Regulation News
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Experts testified at a House subcommittee last week on how the Federal Reserve has departed from conventional monetary policy and how monetary policies can support economic growth going forward.

In the News

Hearing Entitled “The Bureau Of Consumer Financial Protection’s Unconstitutional Design”

featuring Adam J. Whitevia U.S. House Committee on Financial Services
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations will hold a hearing entitled “The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection’s Unconstitutional Design” on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. in the Rayburn House Office Building. 


Report: Allies Against Atrocities: The Imperative For Transatlantic Cooperation To Prevent And Stop Mass Killings

by Tod Lindbergvia Lawfare
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

This month marks the release of “Allies Against Atrocities: The Imperative For Transatlantic Cooperation To Prevent And Stop Mass Killings,” a report that I co-wrote with Lee Feinstein, dean of Indiana University’s School of Global and International Studies and former US Ambassador to Poland, through the U.S. Holocaust Museum’s Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide and the Stanley Foundation.