Women Of The Gulag: A Documentary Film Screening

Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Hauck Auditorium, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Women of the Gulag is based on Paul Gregory’s Hoover Press book of the same name. Directed by Russian American film maker Marianna Yarovskaya, it tells the compelling and tragic stories of six remarkable women—among the last survivors of the Gulag, the brutal system of repression that devastated the Soviet population during the Stalin years.

Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago was largely a narrative of men’s experience. Women of the Gulag is the first account of women in the camps and special settlements. Filmed entirely on location in Russia, Women of the Gulag is a last chance to tell the story of these women. Indeed, half of the women featured have passed on since their interviews.

The film premiered in Hollywood and New York and was shortlisted (final 10) as “best short documentary” in the 2019 Oscar competition. It premiered in Russia at the Moscow Film Festival and will be shown on Russian network TV in June.

Join us for a special screening on Tuesday, June 11th, at 4:30PM in the Hauck Auditorium at the Hoover Institution.


For more information on this film, visit Women of the Gulag.

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