The Hoover Institution Library & Archives is a learning organization and a repository of knowledge holding more than one million volumes and over 6,000 archival collections pertaining to war, revolution, and peace. Our collections contain much that is rare, fragile, or covered under copyright. To protect our collections and to help ensure their ongoing availability for future researchers, please abide by our policies and agreements.

Research Services Policies

Our research services policies help guide researchers through a visit to the reading room and using the collections. Conditions of use, rights and permissions and all other policies and user agreements that pertain to accessing certain collections and use of all collections, within the reading room, are in place to protect the collections and to help future researchers.

Collections Policies & Practices

We continue to advance Herbert Hoover’s mission by fulfilling our strategic priorities of acquiring important historical collections on war, revolution, and peace. Our collections deal in subjects that encompass a broad range of human experiences. Policies and practices are in place to ensure that materials are cared for and made available for their ongoing use. Learn more about collection donations, description, digitization, preservations practices, and potentially harmful language and visual materials.

Copyright & Permissions

Researchers, publishers, and other users of any work from the Hoover Institution Library & Archives collections are responsible for compliance with copyright law. Learn more about copyright and permissions, filming in the archives, and how to cite our collections.

Citation Guide

Review our citation guide to learn about how to cite materials from the Hoover Institution Library & Archives.

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