Hoover’s holdings on Azerbaijan span the entire 20th century. An unpublished history of the region during the Russian Civil War, with particular reference to the Baku petroleum industry, can be found in the Wilber E. Post and Maurice Wertheim collection. For the period of the Second World War, the A. Bannam collection contains a treaty between the autonomous government of Azerbaijan and the commander of the Tabriz garrison (12 December 1945). The Azerbaijani Subject collection and Irene Lasota papers contain materials on Azerbaijani politics and elections since 1990, and the Vahan Emin collection is important for the study of the Nagorno-Karabakh issue.

Wilber E. Post And Maurice Wertheim History

Relates to the Russian Civil War in the Caucasus

Azerbaijani Subject Collection

Miscellaneous materials

Irena Lasota Papers

Polish dissident; subsequently émigré in the United States; president and codirector, Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe

Vahan Emin Collection

Miscellaneous materials


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Azerbaijan Subject Collection increment

As a part of its ongoing collecting activities to document contemporary political events, the Hoover Institution receives political ephemera from the independent states that made up the former Soviet Union.

February 01, 2011
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