The Bolivian collections center on the modern period. They include the papers of trade unionist and politician Juan Lechín Oquendo and the collection of Elisabeth Burgos-Debray, which includes documentation on the trial of Régis Debray, a French writer accused of participating in the guerrilla campaign of Che Guevara in Bolivia in 1966–67. Other collections concern agricultural and educational assistance provided by the United States.

Temas Sociales. Revista trimestral editada por la facultad de derecho y sociologia de la Universidad mayor de San Andres, La Paz, Bolivia (Poster collection, BO 1, Hoover Institution Archives)

Learn more about the former vice-president of Bolivia, 1960–64


Elisabeth Burgos-Debray Papers

Venezuelan-French journalist

Herbert S. Klein Collection

Hoover Institution curator and research fellow

Juan Lechín Oquendo Papers

Vice-president of Bolivia, 1960–64

Jean Helen Meadowcroft Papers

United States Agency for International Development official


Miscellaneous materials

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