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Holdings related to RFE/RL:

Interviews of Geogi Papakochev with Phillip Dimitrov, Chair of National Consultative Advisory Board of the Democratic Party. Aired through Radio Free Europe on February 3, 1993. (Time - 72.40 minutes, Date: Feb 3, 1993)

Interview with Assen Agov about his resignation from ED position at the Bulgarian National Television. Aired on RFE on February 26, 1993. (Time: 44.00 minutes, Date: Feb 26, 1993)

Correspondent report by Georgi Papakochev for RFE about the annual meeting of the IMF and the World Bank in Prague (Time: 5.20 min, Date: Sept 1, 2000)

Interview by Svetoslav Petrov with Alexander Popov (Bulgarian Socialist Party). Aired on RFE. (Time: 47.5 min, Date: Mar 25, 1993)

Conversation with journalists Pavel Glavusanov and Marusya Staleva, who worked at the Bulgarian section of RFE. (Time: 60.13 min, Date: Mar 30, 1989, Archive: Radio Prague)

Conversation with representatives from the Bulgarian sections in the Western radio stations. RFE – Vladimir Kostov from BBC. (Time: 7.40 min, Date: Feb 9, 1990)

Monday Meeting, RFE show hosted by Tatyana Vaksberg. Guest of the day is Liliana Popova, ED of the Bulgarian National Radio. (Time: 76.30 min, Date: December 21, 1995, Archive: Golden Fund Archive)

Interview with Zhelyu Zhelev for RFE. (Time: 40.00 min, Date: 1993)

Maya Lyubomirova from RFE talks to composer Georgi Tutev. (Time: 11.40, Date: Sept 11, 1994, Quality of the record: Not studio)

Phillip Dimitrov, Prime Minister of Republic of Bulgaria. Interview for RFE hosted by Rumyana Uzunova. (Time: 44,10, Date: Sept 1, 1992)

Interview with the President of Republic of Bulgaria, Zhelyu Zhelev. RFE hosts are Rumyana Uzunova and Rumen Traychev. (Time: 48.40, Date: Sept 23, 1992)

Rumyana Uzunova talks  about her connections to Bulgaria and their development at RFE, the competition between journalists and shows. (Time: 2.47 min, Date: March 19, 1991)

Our Day show discussion. Subject is the 25th anniversary of the fall of Todor Zhivkov’s regime and the RFE role. (Time: 40.00 min, Date: November 10, 2014, Quality of the record: Studio)

Interview with Ahmed Dogan (Movement for Rights and Freedoms) in the RFE Round Table show. The questions from Sofia are given from Assen Geshakov, the ones from Munich are from Nikolay Kalchev. (Time: 48.45, Date: October 16, 1992)


Anton Mitov, Head of Archives Department
Phone:  ++359 2 9336 706


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