Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary Microfilm Collection

Vladimir Konkordovich Abdank-kossovskiĭ Collection

Exhibitor of Russian emigration materials

Russkaia Sredniaia Shkola Records

Russian émigré secondary school in Paris

S. V. Denisov Papers

Commanding general of the Don Cossack army, 1918

Ivan Alekseevich Poliakov Papers

Russian Cossack leader

P. N. Krasnov Papers

Don Cossack ataman and writer

Suvorovskiĭ Kadetskiĭ Korpus Records

Russian military veterans' organization

Ob"Edinenie Chinov Kornilovskogo Udarnogo Polka Records

Association of veterans of the White Russian Kornilovskiĭ Polk

Russkiĭ Obshche-voinskiĭ Soiuz Records

White Russian veterans' organization in exile

Archbishop Apollinariĭ Papers

Russian Orthodox prelate

Vl. Maevskiǐ Papers

Russian theologian


Russian émigré and aeronautical engineer

Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary Manuscript Collection

Russian Orthodox Church monastic community in New York

Raissa Gavrilovna Zemmering Papers

Correspondent of émigré Russian writer Ivan Shmelev


Twenty-nine collections from Holy Trinity Seminary's archival holdings are available at the Hoover Archives on microfilm. They provide previously unavailable, important primary sources for the study of Russian history, including the immigrant experiences of those who settled in the United States. Researchers in the areas of Russian history, church history, and the Russian diaspora will find materials well worth their interest.

Detailed processing and preservation microfilming for these materials were made possible by a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and by matching funds from the Hoover Institution and Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary. The original materials remain in the Holy Trinity Seminary Archives, Jordanville, New York. Requests to publish should be directed to Holy Trinity Seminary Archives: info@hts.edu.


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