The Iranian collections include significant holdings on Iranian communism and communist parties, the Pahlavi dynasty, the Islamic revolution and establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, US relations with Iran, the Iran-Iraq war, and Shi'ism and Iranian politics. Included is one of the largest collections of Iranian political opposition materials in the United States. 

Hussein Alai Writings

Persian minister to the United States

Richard V. Allen Papers

US National Security Adviser, 1981-82

James F. Hitselberger Collection

Contract linguist, US Navy

Iran Freedom Foundation Records

Iranian émigré organization in the United States

Sāzmān-i Mujāhidīn-i Khalq Issuances

Iranian revolutionary movement

M. Shu'āīyan Writings

Iranian Communist

Hamid Shawkat Collection

Materials issued by Iranian student groups abroad

Parviz Shokat Collection

Materials issued by Iranian student and political groups in exile

Iranian Political Opposition Literature Collection

Materials issued by Iranian political groups in exile

Islamic Fundamentalism Collection

Miscellaneous materials

Iranian Subject Collection

Miscellaneous materials


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Creating an Islamic Republic: Iranian Collections from the Hoover Library and Archives

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