Holdings on Kenya are primarily concerned with politics, history, and economic development from the colonial era into the years after independence. The library's colonial government documents, both national and local, are especially strong.

Hoover Institution Archives Poster Collection, UK 2802

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Tom Mboya Papers

Kenyan political leader; minister for economic planning and development, 1965–69

William X. Scheinman Papers

President, African American Students Foundation; director, American Committee on Africa

Jomo Kenyatta Sound Recordings

President of Kenya, 1964–78

Louise Fortmann and Emery Roe Collection

US sociologist and policy analyst researching Kenya and Botswana

Robert Gabor Papers

Secretary-general, Peace with Freedom, Inc.

Donald Arthur Knies Collection

Materials relating to US educational assistance to Kenya

Kenyan Subject Collection

Miscellaneous materials

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Duignan, Peter. Guide to Research and Reference Works on Sub-Saharan Africa. Stanford, Calif., Hoover Institution Press, 1972. (Annotated guide based on the holdings of the Hoover Institution.)

Accra, Ghana, 1958

Hoover Archives Unveils Correspondence Between Kenyan Independence Leader and American Philanthropist Responsible for Helping Educate Hundreds of Kenyans Including Barack Obama Sr.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Hoover Institution Library and Archives recently announced the opening of the papers of William X. Scheinman (1927–1999), a longtime friend of and correspondent with Kenyan independence leader Tom Mboya.



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Hoover Archivists' Musings: Barack Obama Senior

Letters from Truman Smith to his wife Katharine, 1918-1919, Truman Smith Papers,

Unless one is an expert on the politics and economics of East Africa, one’s not likely to recognize the name William X. Scheinman. Read more.


"Men with a Mission" by Tom Shactman