collage of materials from the Museum of Russian Culture Microfilm collection

Museum of Russian Culture Microfilm Collection


Eighty-five collections from the Museum of Russian Culture in San Francisco are available on microfilm at the Hoover Archives. These collections open new horizons in the study of Russian émigrés and their contribution to the intellectual, cultural and scientific life of their adopted countries and closely dovetail with Hoover's holdings. Historians, specialists in Russian literature and social scientists will all find materials well worth their scholarly interest.

Detailed processing and preservation microfilming for these materials were made possible by a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and by matching funds from the Hoover Institution and Museum of Russian Culture. The original materials and all copyright to them (with certain exceptions) remain in the Museum of Russian Culture, San Francisco, as its property. Requests to publish should be directed to the Hoover Institution Archives.

Andreĭ Terent'evich Bel'chenko Papers

Russian, and later Portuguese, Consul-General in Hankow, China

Iosif Konstantinovich Okulich Papers

White Russian financial commissioner in the US

M. T. Zarochentsev Papers

Russian refrigeration engineer

David Chubov Papers

Russian Orthodox priest and émigré in Bulgaria, France, and Switzerland

Boris N. Volkov Papers

Agent of the Siberian government in Mongolia during the Civil War

Vitaliĭ Ivanovich Petropavlovskiĭ Papers

Chief agent of Russian State Control in the US

Oleg Yadoff Papers

Russian electrical engineer

Innokentiĭ Nikolaevich Seryshev Papers

Russian Orthodox priest and émigré in Japan, China, Australia

George Constantine Guins Papers

White Russian political leader during the Russian Civil War

Aleksandr V. Samoĭlovich Papers

Russian Orthodox priest and émigré in Poland, Germany, Brazil and the US

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