Oral Histories


The archives collects and conducts oral histories that further its mission to preserve and make available materials about political, social, and economic change in the modern world. These interviews enhance the archival record with personal reflections, anecdotes, and insights. Topics range from civilian internment in the Philippines during World War II to US and Soviet relations under Mikhail Gorbachev. The archives also works with Hoover fellows, the Stanford Historical Society, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and others to conduct oral histories documenting the history of the Hoover Institution.

Elisabeth Burgos-debray Papers

Interviews of Rigoberta Menchú conducted by Elisabeth Burgos-Debray and Arturo Taracena Arriola

Herbert Hoover Oral History Program Interviews

Interviews relating to the life and career of Herbert Hoover

Marek Lehnert Papers

Interviews relating to political conditions in Poland

Renee Ream Collection

Oral histories’ documenting the experiences of civilian internees in the Philippines during World War II

Jane Leftwich Curry Collection

Interviews relating to Radio Free Europe broadcasts in Poland

Iranian American Foreign Policy Oral History Project Interviews

Interviews of American diplomats relating to Iranian American relations during the 1960s and 1970s

Michael Mcfaul Collection

Interviews of Russian political leaders conducted by McFaul from 1991 to 1993

Herard Von Santos M. Interviews

Interviews relating to guerrilla warfare and counterinsurgency operations in El Salvador during the 1970s and 1980s

Dusan J. Djordjevich Interview Transcripts

Interviews of Serbian politicians and intellectuals, including Milovan Djilas, relating to the Yugoslav civil war

Muʼassasat Al-dhākirah Al-ʼirāqīyah Records

Video oral histories conducted as part of the Iraqi testimonies project

Paul Navarro Collection

Interviews relating to the Partido Communista del Peru conducted by Navarro

Fellow Placeholder

Lisa Nguyen

Curator for Digital Scholarship and Asian Initiatives

Lisa Nguyen is curator for digital scholarship and Asian initiatives at the Hoover Institution Library and Archives. Since 2004 she has worked with private donors and organizations to collect historical documentation on political and socioeconomic change in Asia. She is...


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