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Building on its strong traditions of collecting in this region, the Hoover Institution continues to grow its collections on the Russian Federation, which focus on the emergence of this new state out of the former USSR, its political, economic life and the social change that accompanies its appearance and development. For the emergence of civil society, researchers would do well to look at the many and varied collections dealing with the independent trade union movement. The Joan Beecher Eichrodt collection is important for the study of the Chechen conflict and its role in forming many policies in the Russian Federation, while the Levinskaia-Lesman collection documents the rise of nationalist movements, and the Demokraticheskaia Rossiia records illustrate the development of Russia’s leading democratic party from its formation in the late Soviet period through the first presidential election in the Russian Federation and beyond.

Joan Beecher Eichrodt Collection

Voice of America correspondent

Levinskaia-lesman Collection

Research fellows in St. Petersburg

Demokraticheskaia Rossiia Records

Russian political organization

I.v. Simonov Collection

Russian election materials, 1994–2013

Center For Citizen Initiatives Records

US organization promoting person-to-person contact between Americans and Russians

Kara-kys Dongikovna Arakchaa Papers

Russian Duma member, 1993–1995


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Hoover acquires papers of Vadim Volkov

The collection contains minutes of meetings of the various political parties and groups to which Volkov belonged, as well as manifestos, programs, and other materials derived from social-democratic activity. A small but significant part of the collection concerns the emergence of the Leningrad Popular Front and related organizations during the perestroika period.

May 08, 2013
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