South Africa


Holdings on South Africa and its surrounding region are robust. Strengths include the colonial period, the rise of apartheid and development of black "homelands," the antiapartheid movement, and the immediate postapartheid political and social transition. Government documents, especially commission reports, and publications of nationalist groups (the ANC, FRELIMO, SWAPO, etc.), both legal and underground, are well represented. Photographs, posters, and audiovisual materials are also noteworthy.

Brian Reid Collection

Miscellaneous materials

Communist Party Of South Africa Issuances

Party publications, 1937–43

Carter-karis Collection

Miscellaneous materials

Winifred Armstrong Papers

American economist; American Metals Climax Company international economist, 1966–75

Frederick Russell Burnham Papers

American explorer; major and chief of scouts, British army, during the Boer War

Vic And Barby Ulmer Collection

Miscellaneous materials

South African Subject Collection

Miscellaneous materials

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