The collections about Venezuela largely concern the period 1950–2000. They contain materials on Venezuelan politics before the Hugo Chavez era, including documents on left-wing guerrillas in the 1960s. Other collections relate to the petroleum industry in Venezuela and attempts to introduce laissez-faire economic policies.


E. B. Brossard Papers

US political scientist and petroleum industry consultant

Elisabeth Burgos-Debray Papers

Venezuelan-French journalist

Vladimir Chelminski Papers

Executive director, Cámara de Comercio, Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuelan Subject Collection

Miscellaneous materials

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Venezuela Archival Collections     Venezuela Library Materials

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Papers of Vladimir Chelminski, former Executive Director of the Caracas (Venezuela) Chamber of Commerce

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hoover has recently opened most of a major collection on modern Venezuela, beginning more than two decades before the election of Hugo Chavez as president in December 1998 and continuing through 2008. It includes notes, correspondence, printed matter and video tapes on economic, social and political conditions in Venezuela over more than three decades.


Venezuelan Students and Others Sound Off on the Growing Authoritarianism of Hugo Chavez

Monday, December 6, 2010

In 2007 Paris-based sociologist Elizabeth Burgos, a native of Venezuela, filled twenty-six cassette tapes with interviews of student and other critics of the increasing authoritarianism and regressive “twenty-first century socialism” of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Many students are interviewed here as are members of other groups and individuals.



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Firing Line Transcript

Caracas and U.S. Policy, Firing Line

"Caracas and U.S. Policy"
Firing Line interview with Diego Arria, governor of Caracas, member of the Venezuelan Cabinet