World War I


Founded in the aftermath of the First World War, the Hoover Institution has always placed special emphasis on collecting and preserving materials related to the conflict that shaped the 20th century. The perspective has always been truly international, as Hoover’s Russian holdings on the war, for example, outshine its American holdings in both volume and significance. The papers of General N.N. Golovin are of singular importance for the study of the Eastern front. The Kraftwagen Park 2 war journal shows the war from the perspective of a German mechanized unit. Numerous writings – both published and unpublished - document the war from the perspective of economics, finances, industry, civil society, humanitarian aid, relief organizations, gender, class and race. The World War I subject and pictorial collections are rich in documents and illustrative material on all geographic areas and all aspects of the war. Additional illustrative material may be found in the Imperial War Museum photographs and poster collection, although there are many other photographs available in the papers of individual units, participants and collectors. The library also holds an extensive and rare collection of delegation propaganda and other publications related to the Paris Peace Conference that ended the war.

World War I Subject Collection

Printed matter, military documents, maps, and memorabilia

World War I Pictorial Collection

Photographs, cartoons, and postcards

N. N. Golovin Papers

General, Russian Imperial Army

Kraftwagen Park 2 War Journal

German military motor vehicle unit

American National Red Cross Records

Materials relating to relief work during and immediately after World War I

Commission For Relief In Belgium Records

Organization providing relief to Belgium

Imperial War Museum Photographs

Depicts activities of the British army and navy during World War I

Wellington House Publications

British Foreign Office propaganda from World War I

Alfred Hermann Fried Papers

Austrian pacifist during World War I

Clelia Duel Mosher Papers

Red Cross worker in France, 1917–19


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Digitized World War I Documents Available through Partnership with Adam Matthew

Thousands of pages of World War I materials in the Hoover Library and Archives were digitized by Adam Matthew for inclusion in The First World War: Propaganda and Recruitment, a digital resource that brings together archival materials from repositories in Europe and the United States.

July 01, 2014
Friday Finds: Hoover's small trove of hand-drawn and painted Christmas cards from World War I

With the holiday season upon us, what a pleasant surprise to find a small trove of hand-drawn and painted Christmas cards. The cards, beautiful in their detail, came from the papers of an American Red Cross nurse who served during World War I, Catherine Sylvia Bastin.

December 14, 2012
Doughnut Lassies on World War I Posters

Political posters are powerful tools of persuasion and control via striking visual imagery. Scholarly interest in the strong visual images draws many researchers to Hoover's voluminous poster collection. Others mine more popular parts of the collection, such as this CBC article on National Doughnut Day, which highlights posters of US troops receiving doughnuts and coffee from Salvation Army doughnut lassies during World War I.

June 04, 2012
Image for Never Such Innocence: British Images of the First World War
Never Such Innocence: British Images of the First World War

An exhibition of government posters, photographs, fine art, and rare editions of poetry from the collections of the Hoover Institution Library and Archives, the Cantor Center for Visual Arts, and the Special Collections of Stanford University Libraries, guest curated by members of Professor Peter Stansky's class, Art and History: Modern Britain.

January 10, 2008
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