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Ideas Defining A Century

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Introducing Hoover@100

Explore a centennial celebration of the stories and artifacts that make the Hoover Institution the preeminent public policy and archival research center that it is today.

The Hoover Institution

Explore the history of the Hoover Institution, its iconic tower, and the direction it is forging in the 21st century as a preeminent public policy and archival research center.

Color painting of the Hoover Tower and Traitel Building, Stanford University
Photograph of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover

An Uncommon Couple

Discover the inspiring lives of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover, and their shared passions for education, peace, and freedom.

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Colored photograph of LHH House, Stanford University

Cardinal Roots

Explore the deep connection between Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover and their alma matter, Stanford University.

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Photograph of a heartshaped thank you note to Herbert Hoover dated 1915

A Path To Peace

Discover the early humanitarian work of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover that was grounded in their life long desire for a peaceful world.

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Black and white photograph of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Hoover seated next to each other.

Freedom First

Learn how the Hoovers’ gratitude for the extraordinary opportunities afforded them by the American way of life inspired their commitment to public service.

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The Road to Freedom

Learn about the many types of freedom studied and explored at the Hoover Institution.

Black and white photograph of a Solidarity demonstration in Poland, 1989
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Blacka and white photograph of the first meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society

Economic Freedom

Learn about the importance of economics to a free society, and the contributions made by Hoover Fellows in this field.

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Black and white photograph of a Polish protester waving Solidarity flag, circa 1981–1983

Fighting For Freedom

Discover the resistance to tyranny across four countries and how it has led to more freedom for some and ongoing struggles for others.

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Black and white photograph of a man working in the RFE/RL Research and Analysis Department, no date

Truth As A Weapon

Explore the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty archival collection and how it epitomizes the importance of truth in the fight for freedom.

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To Promote Peace

Explore how the pursuit of peace has been a pillar of the Hoover Institution since its founding and Herbert Hoover’s direction to “constantly and dynamically point the road to peace."

Black and white photograph of American delegates to the International Congress of Women holding a flag that reads PEACE, 1915
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Black and white photograph of students protesting peace overlaid with a faint blue stamp that reads PEACE above a rising sun

Visualizing Peace

Discover the imagery of the people and organizations devoted to the pursuit of peace.

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Picasso illustration of a peace dove carrying weapons

Disarming the Atom

Discover moments in the history of disarmament as found in the Hoover Institution Library & Archives, from first hand documentation of the Hiroshima strike to recent efforts by Hoover Fellows to stop nuclear proliferation.

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Black and white photograph of US officials inspecting records of Japanese banks, circa 1945–46

Peacemaking In Practice

Explore the peacemaking activities that followed twentieth century wars.

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The Past As Prologue

Discover the educational impact of the Hoover Institution through the work of its fellows and of its Library & Archives.

Curator Jean Cannon teaching a hands-on class in the reading room
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Black and white photograph of woman entering the archives stacks inside Hoover Tower

Collecting The Ephemeral

Discover some of the elusive stories about how material came to be housed at the Hoover Institution Library & Archives.

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Graphic promoting Hoover Institution's PolicyEd website


Equipping Americans with relevant policy information, pertinent facts, and a discerning analytical perspectives.

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Graphic promoting Hoover Institution YouTube channel showing the Hoover Tower logo

Hoover Institution YouTube Channel

View the latest videos Hoover hopes will encourage discussions, generate ideas, and disseminate information.

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