As part of his visit to Stanford University, Li Yuanchao toured the Hoover Institution Library and Archives. Li is secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Secretariat, member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, and minister of the CPC Central Organization Department. He was joined on the tour by Zhou Wenzhong, Chinese ambassador to the United States, and Gao Zhansheng, Chinese consul general in San Francisco.

The Hoover Archives tour featured material from Hoover’s large East Asian collection, which contains ephemera dating back to the nineteenth century. Among the materials that Li viewed were photos of and letters from Herbert Hoover, who was employed as a mining engineer in and around Tianjin, China, at the turn of the century and through the Boxer Rebellion; early Chinese Communist Party materials including ideological debates and artwork depicting the Long March; extensive holdings on World War II provided by both American and Chinese sources; material regarding the negotiations between the Chinese Communist and National Parties brokered by U.S. officials; collections from the Chinese Nationalist Party and its leaders; and a large selection of political posters.

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