Several linear feet of declassified documents from more than thirty-five archival collections at Hoover have been released since 2011. The collections, which are listed below, were created by diplomatic, military, and other government officials and consist chiefly of personal papers.

Accompanying the declassified documents is newly released unclassified material. Because this material was typically interfiled with the security-classified material, it was also examined by government reviewers. Collections in which only unclassified material is being released are noted on the list below. In addition, some British government records in the Chennault, Cooke, and Frederick papers were released after their declassification by the British Consul in San Francisco.

This release consists of original paper documents. Future releases of declassified US records will be as a combination of digitized documents and actual paper documents.

Allen (Richard V.) papers—unclassified only
Baumer (William Henry) papers—unclassified only
Bendetsen (Karl R.) papers—unclassified only
Bohannon (Charles T. R.) papers
Brown (Elizabeth Churchill) papers
Byers (Clovis E.) papers
Chennault (Claire Lee) papers
Christian (John Leroy) papers—unclassified only
Cooke (Charles Maynard) papers
Cottam (Howard Rex) papers
Cranston (Joseph A.) papers
Drumright (Everett F.) letters
Emmet (Christopher Temple) papers—unclassified only
Eveland (Wilbur) papers—unclassified only
Fellers (Bonner Frank) papers
Frederick (Robert Tryon) papers
Goodfellow (Millard Preston) papers
Green (Marshall) papers—unclassified only
Hamilton (Maxwell McGaughey) papers
Harris (David) papers
Herbits (Stephen E.) papers
Hickey (Robert Ferdinand) papers
Hill (Robert Charles) papers—unclassified only
International Conference on U.S. Interventions in Iran issuances—unclassified only
Jacobs (Joseph Earle) papers
Jones (Howard Palfrey) papers
Joy (C. Turner) papers
Judd (Walter Henry) papers
Kennedy-Minott (Rodney) papers—unclassified only
Lademan (Joseph U.) papers
Lange (George Adam) papers
Lapham (Roger Dearborn) papers
Lee (Fitzhugh) papers
Lefever (Ernest W.) papers
Lerner (Daniel) collection
Lodge (John Davis) papers
MacCloskey (Monro) papers
Murphy (Robert D.) papers
Nutter (G. Warren) writings—unclassified only

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