Fifty-two More Firing Line DVDs Now Available on Amazon

Thursday, February 26, 2015
Firing Line Broadcast Records, Hoover Institution Archives
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Firing Line Broadcast Records, Hoover Institution Archives, Box 9

Firing Line Broadcast Records, Hoover Institution Archives
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Firing Line Broadcast Records, Box 9, Hoover Institution Archives

The DVDs of fifty-two additional programs from William F. Buckley’s Firing Line television series are now available on Featured guests include Gerald Ford, Clare Boothe Luce, Tom Wolfe, G. Gordon Liddy, Betty Friedan, Malachi Martin, Ben Stein, Jesse Jackson, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Tipper Gore, Rudy Giuliani, Arianna Huffington, and Barry Goldwater.  A special anniversary program of Firing Line, “Bill Buckley and Firing Line Get Roasted” is among the newly available episodes.

Firing Line episodes from Hoover's collection first became available on DVD from Amazon in August 2008; this release brings the total to more than 290 episodes. Firing Line videotapes continue to be remastered from obsolete formats by a professional video preservation lab. For programs not available through Amazon, contact Stephanie Stewart to purchase copies from the Hoover Archives.

Hundreds of transcripts of Firing Line programs are also available as free downloads from Hoover’s Firing Line database. You may request copies of transcripts that have not yet been digitized by clicking on the “Request a transcript” link in the database; the Hoover Archives provides complimentary copies of up to three such transcripts, with additional copies at $5 each. When the Hoover Archives receives the request, it digitizes the transcript for the requester and adds the digital copy to the database.

Firing Line was broadcast from 1966 to 1999, first as an hour-long show and later as a half-hour program. The Firing Line collection at the Hoover Institution Archives includes videotapes of about fifteen hundred shows, as well as transcripts, photographs, program preparation materials, and other items.

Streaming versions of the episodes will be available soon.

Featured Video

"Bill Buckley and Firing Line Get Roasted" 
Guests: Jeff Greenfield, John Kenneth Galbraith, Harriet F. Pilpel, Henry Kissinger, Eugene J. McCarthy, Tom Wolfe