Sixty Firing Line transcripts are available on Hoover’s Firing Line database, with more to come. Individuals may request copies of transcripts that have not been digitized by clicking on the “Request a transcript” link in the database. For those transcripts not yet digitized, the Hoover Archives provides complimentary copies of up to three transcripts, with additional transcripts for $5 each. When the Hoover Archives receives the request, it will digitize the transcript for the requester and add the digital copy to the database.

Online transcripts are the latest development with the Firing Line broadcast collection. Since August 2008, DVDs of select Firing Line programs have been available for purchase on Hoover continues to preserve, restore, and remaster videotapes of Firing Line episodes.

In weekly broadcasts from 1966 through 1999, William F. Buckley Jr. met with, talked to, debated with, and cajoled guests on his Public Television program Firing Line. The Firing Line collection at the Hoover Archives includes videotapes and transcripts of about 1,500 shows, as well as still photographs, program preparation materials, and other items.

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