Golden Spike Laid in New Ten-Gigabyte Line

Thursday, November 6, 2014
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Hoover Institution

A special winch was used to lift the server

It took a special lift and three people to install a new card on Hoover's preservation server and complete the new ten-gigabyte (GB) network line to the servers at Stanford Information Technology Services (ITS). With this last piece of equipment in place, the stage is set to transfer eighty-two terabytes of digital historical materials to their new storage site at ITS. Those materials include digital copies of Bath Party records, born-digital documents relating to the Soviet defense industry, digital video copies of Firing Line television programs, and digitized sound recordings of Radio Free Europe's coverage of the Prague Spring in 1968.

Since signing the digital storage agreement with Stanford ITS, attention has turned to the one-GB network line connecting the two campus servers. Because transferring the digital materials over the line would have taken at least six months, the equipment was upgraded  and new cabling laid to create a bigger, faster connection. Now Hoover is one of two departments at Stanford to have a ten-GB link to ITS, slicing many months off the transfer time.