Copies of some 150 of the Mieczyslaw Jalowiecki watercolors from the Hoover Archives, created from digital images provided to the Lithuanian State Archives, were exhibited in the National Museum of Lithuania between April 25 and June 2, 2013.  A symposium on Mieczyslaw Jalowiecki and his collection was held at the museum on May 29, with one of the particpants’ being Maciej Siekierski, senior curator in the Hoover Institution Library and Archives. During the session, Siekierski was presented with a letter of "deepest gratitude" from Sarunas Birutis, the minister of culture of the Republic of Lithuania, for Siekierski’s role in establishing a program of cooperation between Hoover Archives and the Lithuanian State Archives that has made "documentary heritage of national importance available to Lithuania."  During the next few months, the National Museum's Jalowiecki prints will be displayed in several of Lithuania's embassies and cultural centers in Eastern Europe.

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