Library & Archives Awards Research Funds to Scholars

Thursday, March 26, 2015
Herbert Hoover Subject Collection, Envelope I, Hoover Institution Archives

Last fall, the Hoover Institution Library & Archives (L&A) announced its new research support program to encourage scholarship based on our collections. During our first annual competition, more than two hundred scholars from thirty countries applied to work on a wide range of collections and projects.

The selection committee, made up of L&A director Eric Wakin, the curators, and the outreach archivist, are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s round. These supported scholars will be in the reading room for a minimum of ten days during 2015. We forwarding to sharing interviews and essays highlighting their research during the course of the year.

Yigit Akin, assistant professor of history, Tulane University

Project: “The Ottoman Experience of World War I”

Collections: American Relief Administration Records, American National Red Cross Records, Hidayet Dagdeviren Collection, Paris Peace Conference Miscellaneous Records, Ruth A. Parmelee Papers, Mary Mills Patrick PapersErnest Wilson Riggs Papers


Barbara Allen, associate professor of history, La Salle University

Project: “Workers’ Opposition in the Russian Communist Party, 1919–22”

Collections: Boris Nicolaevsky Collection, Okhrana RecordsLeon Trotsky Collection


Lily Balloffet, PhD candidate in history, University of California–Davis

Project: “Mahjar Maps: Argentina in the Global Arab Diaspora, 1920–60”

Collections: Argentine Subject Collection, Juan Bramuglia Papers, Donald M. Dozer Papers, Juan Domingo Peron Papers


Isaac Blacksin, PhD candidate in history of consciousness, University of California–Santa Cruz

Project: “Wartime Journalism and a Comparative Genealogy of Violence”

Collections: Burnett Bolloten Papers, John K. Cooley Papers, Said Hyder Akbar Sound Recordings


Melissa Brzycski, PhD candidate in modern Chinese history, University of California–Santa Cruz

Project: “Inventing the Socialist Child, 1945–76”

Collection: Communist Chinese Political Movement Collection


Derek Catsam, associate professor of history, University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Project:  “’When We Are Tired We Shall Rest’: Bus Boycotts in the United States and South Africa and the Challenge to White Supremacy in the 1940s and 1950s”

Collections: Alexandra Township Collection, Communist Party of South Africa IssuancesS. Herbert Frankel PapersBrian Reid CollectionSouth African Subject Collection


Chambi Chachage, PhD candidate in history, Harvard University

Project: “Capitalizing Cities: The Emergence of Entrepreneurial Elites in African Commercial Capitals and the Growth of Black Business in the Global Economy”

Collections: African Pictorial Collection, Henry Bienen Papers, Harvey Glickman Papers, Paul Lubeck Papers, Tanzanian Subject Collection


Hanna Chuchvaha, researcher, University of Alberta

Project: “The World of Art (Mir Iskusstva) and Its Covers: History of the Visual Identity”

Collection: Mir Isskustvo issues at the Hoover Institution Library


David Conrad, PhD candidate in history, University of Texas–Austin

Project: “US-Backed Land Reform in East and Southeast Asia”

Collections: Robert Fearey Papers, William Green Papers, Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction Miscellaneous RecordsWalter Judd PapersJay Lovestone PapersRobert Turner Papers, and others


Kyle David, PhD candidate in history, University of California–Irvine

Project: “The Pedagogy of Mass Mobilization: Education Work in Communist Base Areas, 1935-49”

Collections:  Chen Cheng Collection and Paul Domke Audiovisual Materials


Austin Dean, PhD candidate in East Asian history, Ohio State University

Project: “A Coin for China? Silver, China and the United States, 1873–1935”

Collections: H. H. Kung PapersT .V. Soong Papers, and Arthur Young Papers


Amanda Demmer, PhD candidate in history, University of New Hampshire

Project: “’The Last Chapter of the Vietnam War’: Normalization, Nongovernmental Actors, and the Politics of Human Rights, 1975–95”

Collections: Ginetta Sagan Papers


Erik Erlandson, PhD candidate in history, University of Virginia

Project: “Redesigning the State: Federal Courts and the Emergence of Reagan’s Deregulatory Bureaucracy”

Collections: Edwin Meese Papers and the William Rehnquist Papers


Camden Hutchison, PhD candidate in American history, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Project: “Redefining Competitive Capitalism: Antitrust Reform in the Era of Deregulation”

Collections: Milton Friedman Papers, Friedrich von Hayek Papers, and the Mont Pelerin Society Records


Justina Hwang, PhD candidate in history, Brown University

Project: “Cold War Courtships: Authoritarian Anticommunism, Developmental Diplomacy, and Chinese Communities in Latin America and the Republic of China, 1960–75”

Collections: Chiang Kai-shek Diaries, William John Green Papers, and the Zhongguo Guo Min Dang Records


Evan Laksmana, PhD candidate in political science, Syracuse University

Project: “The Evolution of US Military Assistance Policy to Indonesia during the Cold War: Examining the Decision Making Process”

Collections: Richard B. Foster PapersMarshall Green PapersRobert Griffin PapersGuy Pauker Papers, Albert Wedemeyer Papers, and others


Ian Lanzillotti, lecturer in history, Ohio State University

Project: “Land, Community, and the State in the North Caucasus: Kabardino-Balkaria, 1763–1991”

Collections: Archives of the Soviet Communist Party and Soviet State Microfilm Collection, Paul Henze Papers, Joan Beecher Eichrodt Papers


Maciej Milczanowski, professor, University of Information Technology and Management, Rzeszow, Poland

Project: “Smart Power in the Middle East and US National Security Doctrine after 9/11”

Collections: Iran Freedom Foundation RecordsIraqi Subject CollectionRichard Paul Mitchell CollectionUnited States Army 8th Psychological Operations Battalion (Airborne) Issuances, Albert J. and Roberta Wohlstetter Papers, and the World Without War Council Collection


Paul Niebrzydowski, PhD candidate in history, Ohio State University

Project: “Reining in the Four Horsemen: The American Relief Administration in Central Eastern Europe in the Wake of the Great War, 1918–23”

Collections: American Relief Administration European Operations Records, Philip H. Carroll Papers, James A. Stader PapersAlonzo Taylor Papers, and others


Michał Przeperski, PhD candidate, Institute of History, Polish Academy of Science

Project: “Mieczysław F. Rakowski: The Political Biography”

Collections: Mieczysław Rakowski Papers and Jerzy Urban Papers


David Rainbow, postdoctoral fellow, Columbia University

Project: “Participatory Autocracy: Siberian Regionalism and the Cohesion of the Russian Imperial State, 1858–1922”

Collections: Ernest Lloyd Harris PapersValerian I. Moravskii Papers, Boris I. Nicolaevsky Papers, and Ivan I. Serebrennikov Papers


Tali Raphael, MA student in modern European history, University of Maryland–College Park

Project: “The Archbishop Stepinac Trial and Yugoslav Politics”

Collections: Dragiša Cvetković PapersMilovan Djilas Papers, Dragoljub Jovanovic Papers, and Jozo Tomasevich Papers


Kevin Riehle, MPhil candidate, King’s College London

Project: “Insider Information: The Strategic Windfall Gained from Intelligence Officer Defectors”

Collections: Archives of the Soviet Communist Party and Soviet State Microfilm Collection, Nikolai Khokhlov Papers, and Vladislav Krasnov Papers


John Rosenberg, PhD candidate in history, Brown University

Project: “Spear Carriers for Empire: The Old Left, the New Right, and the Alliance for American Militarism, 1967–88”

Collections: Richard Allen PapersAtlantic Council of the United States RecordsWilliam Casey Papers. and Committee on the Present Danger Records


Rebecca Shimoni Stoil, PhD candidate in history, Johns Hopkins University

Project: “Cultivating Discontent: Agrarian Mobilization, Conservative Politics, and the Farm Crises of 1975–89”

Collections: Annelise Graebner Anderson Papers, Deaver & Hannaford Records, Samuel I. Hayakawa PapersRonald Reagan Radio Commentary Sound Recordings, Republican National Committee Opposition Research, Richard Wirthlin Papers, and Ed Zschau Papers


Nicholas Siekierski, PhD candidate in history, Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences

Project: “Herbert Hoover and the American Relief Administration in Poland, 1919–23”

Collections: American Relief Administration European Operations Records, American Relief Administration Russian Operational RecordsMerian C. Cooper PapersPerrin C. Galpin PapersHerbert Hoover Subject CollectionWilliam B. Poland PhotographsUnited States Food Administration Records, and others


Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins, PhD candidate in history, Columbia University

Project: “The Other Intellectuals: Raymond Aron and the United States: 1947–83”

Collections: Raymond Aron Papers, Milton Friedman PapersFriedrich A. von Hayek Papers, Mont Pèlerin Society Records, and others


Kelly Tang, PhD candidate in art history, Duke University

Project: “The 1981 Chinese Delegation of Artists to Mali, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone”

Collection: Jack Chen Papers


Robert Thompson, PhD candidate in history, University of Southern Mississippi

Project: “Pacification Perceptions: The US Army in Phu Yen, Republic of Vietnam, 1963–72”

Collections: Charles T. R. Bohannan Papers, Allan E. Goodman Papers, and the Edward Geary Lansdale Papers


Andrina Tran, PhD candidate in history, Yale University

Project: “Living Liberty: A History of Libertarianism in America”

Collections: Ed Clark Papers, Williamson M. Evers Papers, Paul Jacob Papers, Libertarian Party of California Records, Karl Peterjohn Papers, Joan Kennedy Taylor Papers, and the David Walter Collection


Alison Vick, PhD candidate in history, University of Tennessee

Project: “Germany’s POW Camps and the History of Human Rights in the Long Twentieth Century”

Collections: Fr. P. Mönkemöller CollectionUnited States Army, First Army Miscellaneous Records, World War I Pictorial Collection, World War I Subject Collection, , and the World War II Subject Collection


Alissa Walter, PhD candidate in history, Georgetown University

Project:  “Ba‘thist Baghdad: A History of Baghdad’s Lower Classes during State Development, Wars, and Sanctions”

Collection: Hiẓb al-Ba'th al-'Arabī al-Ishtirākī in Iraq [Ba'th Arab Socialist Party of Iraq] Records

For additional information about this year’s program, contact outreach archivist Jill Golden at jegolden[at]