New and Updated Finding Aids Posted Online

Friday, March 7, 2008

Finding aids to the collections described below are now available through the Online Archive of California.

Grand Duchess Kseniia Aleksandrovna papers, 1865–1960

Kseniia Aleksandrovna, grand duchess of Russia, was the daughter of Tsar Alexander III and the sister of Tsar Nicholas II. Her correspondence, diaries, and photographs concern events in Russia before, during, and after the Russian Revolution and Russian imperial family matters. Letters of Nicholas II and his mother, Mariia Feodorovna, are included.

Albert J. and Roberta Wohlstetter papers, 1929–2007

This husband and wife team was affiliated with Rand Corporation and held various government positions involving national defense. Their papers, which include correspondence, speeches, memoranda, and reports, relate to U.S military and national security policy, nuclear warfare strategic planning, and nuclear proliferation issues.

White House Conference on Child Health and Protection records, 1909–1950

The records of this conference, which was convened by President Herbert Hoover in 1930, include correspondence, memoranda, and reports. They concern the physical and social conditions of children in the United States, the status of school health education and health service programs, and proposals to promote child welfare. Some materials generated after the conference ended, including reports of the American Child Health Association, are also included.

Américo Ghioldi papers, 1857–2006

This collection documents the multifaceted career of Argentine politician, journalist, and educator Américo Ghioldi. Joining the Partido Socialista at an early age, Ghioldi wrote prolifically for the socialist press, principally for the newspaper he helped edit, La Vanguardia. He was also a lecturer and orator, giving numerous talks at socialist meetings and campaign rallies. Rising to a leadership position in the Partido Socialista, he was elected repeatedly to the Argentine Cámara de Diputados de la Nación.

Charles Hill papers, 1898–2006

The correspondence, reports, speeches, and other material in this collection concern international relations and diplomacy, U.S. foreign policy during the presidential administration of Ronald Reagan, and the Chinese Cultural Revolution. In addition to his diplomatic postings, Hill served as executive assistant to the U.S. secretary of state from 1984 to 1989. The collection also contains speeches and writings of Secretary of State George P. Shultz.

Stephen J. Tonsor papers, 1951–2001

The papers of this American historian concern conservative political thought and higher education in the United States. A professor at the University of Michigan, Tonsor authored multiple books and served as a research fellow at the Hoover Institution from 1972 to 1973.

Survey of Race Relations records, 1924–1927 (updated)

The Survey of Race Relations was an anthropological investigative project sponsored by various private organizations in the 1920s to study the social and economic status of Chinese, Japanese, other Asian, Mexican, and other minority residents of the Pacific Coast of the United States and Canada. Completed life history questionnaires, which served as the raw data, make up the bulk of the collection. Also included are open-ended personal reflections, conference reports and other materials. In addition to this updated finding aid, the collection is digitized and available online.

Joseph Warren Stilwell papers, 1889–2003 (updated)

As the commander of the U.S. forces in the China-Burma-India Theater and Chinese armies in Burma from 1942 to 1944, Joseph Stilwell's diaries, correspondence, and photographs shed light on the political development of China, the Sino-Japanese conflict of 1937–1945, and the China-Burma-India Theater during World War II. Some Stilwell family papers are also included.

Russian subject collection, 1700–2006 (updated)

Made up of a variety of printed matter and documents collected from numerous sources, this collection concerns political, social and economic conditions in Russia, the Russian empire as a whole, the Soviet Union as a whole, and the Soviet successor states collectively. Areas of particular strength are the Russian Revolution and civil war, U.S. engineers in Russia, and post-1991 elections in Russia.

Paul Robert Hanna papers, 1920–1997 (updated)

American educator Paul Hanna served as director of the Stanford International Development Education Center from 1963 to 1968. His papers, which include correspondence, writings, reports, and photographs, focus on education in the United States, the Philippines, and developing countries in general.