New and Updated Finding Aids Posted Online

Friday, April 4, 2008

Finding aids to the collections described below are now available through the Online Archive of California.

Natalie Grant Wraga papers, 1919–2004

The papers of this American Foreign Service officer and Sovietologist include writings, notes, correspondence, and printed matter relating to the Soviet government, foreign policy, espionage clandestine activities, and, especially, the use of disinformation as a tactic. "Window on Russia," a book-length study by Wraga, is included, as are some papers of her husband, Ryszard (Richard) Wraga, also a noted Sovietologist.

Anna Howell Hayward Lisle papers, 1934–1957

Lisle was involved in relief efforts in Greece from 1944 to 1946 through the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration and Near East Foundation. Her papers include correspondence, reports, and photographs documenting social conditions and relief work in Greece at the end of World War II.

Etat major général records of the Conseil National de liberation in Congo, 1959–1988

The government records, correspondence, reports, battle plans, and other records in this collection relate to military and political aspects of a rebellion in the Kwilu region of the Congo in 1964. The materials were collected and organized by Herbert F. Weiss, a scholar and professor at the City University of New York; his indexes and summaries of the collection are included. This collection is also available on microfilm.

A. V. (Anton Vasil'evich) Turkul papers, 1917–1955

Turkul, a major general in the White Russian army, commanded the Drozdovska´i`a strelkova´i`a divizi´i`a. Correspondence with former comrades-in-arms relating to memories of the Russian civil war and émigré politics in the 1950s makes up the bulk of his papers, though some writings, printed matter, and photographs are included.

Jacques Benoist-Méchin papers, 1909–1994

Benoist-Méchin had a multifaceted career as French literary figure, politician, and historian. Arrested as a collaborator in 1944, he received the death penalty, which was subsequently commuted to hard labor in prison; he was released in 1953. In addition to documenting the collaborationist Vichy government in France during World War II, his papers concern all major phases of his career.

Mark V. Vishniak papers, circa 1910–1995 (updated)

As a Russian historian and Socialist Revolutionary Party leader, Vishniak's papers concern Russian and Soviet history, Russian revolutionaries, Russian émigrés, and political conditions in the Soviet Union. Correspondence, speeches, writings, and clippings are included.

Jay Lovestone papers, 1906–1989 (updated)

This collection relates to the Communist International, the communist movement in the United States and elsewhere, the communist influence in U.S.and foreign trade unions, and organized labor movements in the United States and abroad. Lovestone was an active participant in the Communist Party from 1929 to 1940 and worked with U.S. and international trade and labor unions from 1944 to 1974. The collection contains correspondence, reports, printed matter, and photographs.

T. V. Soong papers, 1916–2005 (updated)

Soong served as the foreign minister of China during World War II. His papers relate to political and economic conditions in China during the 1930s and 1940s, events in China during World War II, wartime Chinese diplomacy, especially regarding Sino-American relations, and Chinese foreign relations, especially with the United States. The collection includes correspondence, writings, reports, and photographs. A separate announcement provides more information.

Joshua B. Powers collection, 1876–1969 (updated)

Powers, who spent his career in journalism and publishing, collected this material about Homer Lea, military adviser to Sun Yat-sen and author of The Valor of Ignorance, and the revolutionary movement in early twentieth-century China. The collection includes correspondence, printed matter, and scrapbooks. Writings of Homer Lea, Ethel Lea, and Powers himself are also included.