New and Updated Finding Aids Posted Online

Monday, November 26, 2007

Finding aids to the collections described below are now available through the Online Archive of California.

Irwin T. and Shirley Holtzman collection, 1899–2004

The collection consists primarily of printed matter by and about the Russian writers Isaak Babel', Boris Pasternak, and Joseph Brodsky.

Islamic Fundamentalism collection, circa 1980–2005

The printed matter, videotapes, and sound recordings in this collection relate to political aspects of Islam in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Thomas H. (Thomas Hawkins) Johnson papers, 1963–1990

Johnson was a physicist, professor, and science adviser to Ronald Reagan. The papers relate to physics, nuclear and other energy sources, nuclear weapons, laser technology, the Strategic Defense Initiative, arms control, and scientific policy in the United States during the Reagan administration.

Friedrich Katz collection, 1919–1945 (updated)

The printed matter collected by Katz, and notes compiled by him, focuses on international relations and economic conditions, the oil industry, conditions in Croatia, Croatia's role in international relations, the history and condition of Jews throughout the world, and military operations during World War II.

Luis Kutner papers, 1930–1993

As a lawyer, chairman of the Commission for International Due Process of Law, and chairman of the World Habeas Corpus Commission, Kutner's writings, correspondence, and other materials concern international civil rights cases, world federation, and attempts to secure international recognition of habeas corpus and due process of law.

Jacques Leprette papers, 1913–2004

Leprette was a senior French diplomat whose long career coincided with the evolution of a newly assertive French foreign policy in the decades following World War II. His work focused on France's efforts to promote European integration, the role of the United Nations in international peacekeeping, and cooperation among Francophone nations and communities. The papers document Leprette's professional activities and shed light on facets of French political history, particularly in the mid-1960s.

James Addison Logan papers, 1913–1924

Having served in the U.S. military mission with the French army during World War I, as an unofficial delegate to the Reparation Commission after the armistice, and then as an adviser with the American Relief Administration in connection with Russia, Logan's papers reflect the prevalent international situation during and after World War I. The correspondence, memoranda, and reports in the collection relate to the U.S. war effort, conditions of prisoners of war, the Paris Peace Conference, postwar reconstruction in Europe, and war reparations.

Daniel B. Luten Jr. papers, 1931–1964

The papers of this American demographer, who served as a technical adviser in the Natural Resources Section of the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers in Japan from 1948 to 1950, concern Japan's natural resources and population, as well as the issue of birth control.