New Finding Aids Now Available

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Road Map of the Qing Dynasty

Road Map of the Qing Dynasty

Hoover Archives has created or updated finding aids for ten collections. The collections include materials related to China, Vietnam, and the Middle East. Users can access these finding aids using the Online Archive of California.






Jerry Allan Rose papers

The papers of Jerry Allan Rose, an American journalist and writer and was a member of the United States Operations Mission to Vietnam, consist of Rose's personal and work related materials, including writings, correspondence, notes, reports, studies, printed matter, and audiovisual materials. A majority of the materials relate to the Vietnam War and to political and social conditions in Vietnam and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.


Jin Wensi papers

The papers of Jin Wensi, a Chinese diplomat, consist of transcripts of conversations with foreign officials, memoranda, and reports relating to Chinese foreign relations with the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Poland, and Czechoslovakia; the Sino-Japanese War; and the Korean National Council to the League of Nations, 1919.


Song Feiqing papers

An increment (boxes 9-15) to the papers of Song Feiqing, a Chinese businessman and founder of the Oriental Corporation, contains documents related to Song Feiqing's life and legacy collected by his children, including personal correspondence, writings, clippings, photographs, and Oriental Corporation records.


Philip C. McConnell papers

The papers of Philip C. McConnell, American petroleum engineer and former vice president of the Arabian American Oil Company, consist of diaries, correspondence, notes, reports, brochures, printed matter, maps, and photographs relating to the operations of the Arabian American Oil Company in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East, and to Arab customs.


Matook Raymond Nissim papers

The papers of Matook Raymond Nissim, a Jewish British resident of Shanghai, China, consist of correspondence, identification documents, serial issues, clippings, other printed matter, photographs, and sound and video recordings relating to the Jewish community in Shanghai and China. Also includes photographs and clippings from Nissim's father's time at the Yangchow Japanese internment camp outside of Shanghai during World War II.


Maciej Milczanowski photographs

The photographs of Maciej Milczanowski, a captain in the Polish contingent of the Multinational Force Iraq, consist of 472 digital photographic images depicting Coalition Forces patrols or convoys, bases, Iraqi archeological sites, and scenes from the daily life of officers and soldiers: work in the headquarters, training, recreation, and encounters with the Iraqi civilian population.


Umam lil-Tawthīq wa-al-Ȧbḥāth (أمم للتوثيق والأبحاث) publications

The publications of Umam lil-Tawthīq wa-al-Ȧbḥāth (أمم للتوثيق والأبحاث) (UMAM Documentation and Research), a non-profit organization based in Beirut, Lebanon dedicated to documenting Lebanon’s past, consist of pamphlets, booklets and other issuances relating to conflict in Lebanon.


June R. Genis papers

The papers of June R. Genis, American libertarian activist and 1992 United States Senate candidate, consist of correspondence, press releases, notes, election campaign literature, serial issues, clippings, sound and video recordings, photographs, and memorabilia relating to libertarianism in the United States and to Libertarian electoral campaigns for Congress in California.


Crawford F. Sams papers

The papers of Crawford F. Sams, chief surgeon of the Forces in the Middle East, 1942-1943 and chief of the Public Health and Welfare Section, General Headquarters, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, 1945-1951, contain correspondence, orders, speeches and writings, research data, printed matter, certificates, and photographs relating to American military medical activities in the Middle East during World War II, American military medical activities in the Korean War, Allied public health activities in occupied Japan, and scientific research on effects of radiation.


Martha Job papers

The papers of Martha Job, a Young Women's Christian Association worker in China from 1919 to 1929, consist of a diary, maps, posters, photographic albums, newspaper clippings, and booklets, relating to the Young Women's Christian Association in China, flood relief, the University of Peking, and internal problems in China from 1920 to 1928.