New Finding Aids for Pictorial Collections Posted Online

Monday, May 12, 2008

Finding aids to the pictorial collections described below are now available through the Online Archive of California.

African pictorial collection, 1889–1994

These photographs, postcards, and slides depict scenes of daily life, cultural and historical sites, prominent personalities, and works of art in various countries in Africa.

American pictorial collection, 1884–2001

The subjects of these photographs include prominent personalities in the United States, U.S. Communists, and miscellaneous political, military, and scientific scenes.

Asian pictorial collection, 1883–2005

Various personalities and scenes in Asia, including revolutionary disturbances in Iran circa 1908, are illustrated in these photographs, drawings, and paintings.

British pictorial collection, undated

This collection contains photographs of various British military and political leaders and miscellaneous scenes in Great Britain.

Chinese pictorial collection, 1868–1969

These photographs and other audiovisual materials show Chinese cities, scenes of daily life, various prominent personalities, and miscellaneous scenes of political activities.

European pictorial collection, 1918–2001

This collection of photographs, postcards, and slides depicts cities, prominent personalities, and historical events in various European countries, particularly those in Eastern Europe. Images of the Hungarian revolution of 1918–19, the coup of 1926 in Poland, the revolt of 1934 in Austria, post–World War II communist activities in Romania, and the Solidarno movement in Poland in the 1980s are included.

French pictorial collection, undated

Various prominent French personalities and miscellaneous scenes in France are shown in these photographs.

German pictorial collection, 1890–1999

The photographs, postcards, and slides in this collection depict various political, military, and naval scenes in Germany, including communist rallies in the 1920s, the Berlin blockade of 1948–1949, and some prominent German personalities, including East German head of state Walter Ulbricht.

Hong Kong pictorial collection, undated

Buildings, residents, street scenes, and scenes of economic and social activity in Hong Kong are the subjects of these slides and transparencies.

Japanese pictorial collection, 1875–1975

These photographs show scenes of daily life, prominent personalities, and miscellaneous scenes in Japan. Images from the Russo-Japanese War are also included.

Pictorial miscellany collection, circa 1900–1991

This collection comprises photographs of miscellaneous and unidentified scenes. Included are images of various United Nations officials and activities as well as of atomic weapons testing.

Russian pictorial collection, 1887–2005

Industrial, economic, cultural, religious, and military scenes in imperial Russia and the Soviet Union; scenes of daily life; scenes from notable historical events, especially the Russian Revolution; and prominent personalities from the tsarist and Soviet periods are depicted in these photographs, postcards, glass plates, and slides.

Ukrainian pictorial collection, 1989–2004

The photographs in this collection show various scenes from Ukraine, particularly demonstrations for Ukrainian independence and Ukrainian government officials and governing bodies in session.

World War I pictorial collection, 1914–1920

These photographs, cartoons, and postcards depict a variety of scenes and personalities from World War I.

World War II pictorial collection, 1937–1945

A variety of scenes and personalities from World War II appear in these photographs and postcards.