New Finding Aids Posted Online

Friday, March 12, 2010

Finding aids to the collections described below are now available through the Online Archive of California.

Citizens for Reagan records, 1975–86
This political organization promoted the presidential candidacy of Ronald Reagan in 1976. Most of the records relate to that campaign, though a few post-1976 records were created by its successor organization, the Citizens for the Republic. The collection contains correspondence, position papers, press releases, memoranda, public opinion polling data, and sound and video recordings.

George W. Landau papers, 1942–2003
Landau, an American diplomat, served as ambassador to Paraguay, 1972–77; Chile, 1977–82; and Venezuela, 1982–85. His correspondence, memoranda, reports, speeches, and video recordings relate to American relations with Paraguay, Chile, Venezuela, and other countries in Latin America.

David Brombart papers, 1917–2009
The correspondence, reports, memoranda, printed matter, and photographs in this collection relate to the African-American Labor Center, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, and the American Federation of Labor–Congress of Industrial Organization's participation in the international labor movement. A U.S. labor official, Brombart was deputy and acting executive director of the African-American Labor Center from 1986 to 1997.

John B. Dunlop collection, 1968–2008
Dunlop, a senior fellow at Hoover, collected these clippings and other printed matter relating to the disintegration of the Soviet Union and to political conditions in post-Soviet Russia. The collection includes an official Soviet report (incomplete) from 1968 summarizing the results of an investigation of the Vserossiĭskiĭ sotsial-khristianskiĭ soiuz osvobozhdeniia naroda, an anticommunist revolutionary organization in the Soviet Union.

Price family papers, 1855–2004
This collection documents the diverse careers of Charles T. Price, a British missionary in Madagascar; his son Hereward T. Price, a German soldier and Russian prisoner during World War I; and his grandson Arnold H. Price, who worked for the United States Office of Strategic Services and the Department of State. The materials thus relate to missionary work in Madagascar, 1875–82; German prisoners of war in Siberia during World War I; the Russian Revolution; social conditions in China; Allied secret service and radio propaganda activities in World War II; and London during the Blitz. The collection includes correspondence, diaries and other writings, printed matter, and photographs.

NSZZ "Solidarnosc" Region Mazowsze Oddzial w Siedlach miscellaneous records, 1980–89
The records of this local branch of Poland's NSZZ "Solidarnosc" (Independent Self-Governing Trade Union "Solidarity") include minutes of meetings, reports, correspondence, and leaflets, documenting political and economic conditions in Siedlce province.

Issac Kandel papers, 1915–66
The papers of Kandel, a U.S. educator and editor of School and Society from 1947 to 1953, contain correspondence, writings, and background materials relating to international education and Kandel's career.