Librarians at the Hoover Institution Library & Archives catalog hundreds of materials on a monthly basis. Materials featured in this month’s newly cataloged list include two recently acquired newspaper issues from Russia and Ukraine published in 2022. Both represent examples of propaganda publications. Also featured are a rare volume describing the German victory at the Stalin Line during World War II, a 1919 map of Hungary and territorial borders, and a publication that discusses the role of women in early 20th-century Russian society.

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Boevaia gazeta - Russian newspaper 2022

Collection: Russia Newspaper Collection
Title: Boevaia gazeta
Published: May 9, 2022

The first, and so far the only, issue of Boevaia Gazeta was published on May 9, 2022 (which is Victory Day holiday in the Russian Federation). This issue's primary aim is to correlate the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine in 2022 with the Soviet victory in WWII. This propaganda publication was issued by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, redacted by the Komsomolskaia Pravda, and issued to soldiers and officers on the frontline during the Victory Day holiday in 2022.


Kharkov Z - Ukraine newspaper 2022

Collection: Ukraine newspaper collection
Title: Kharkov Z
Published: [Summer], 2022

This issue of the Russian propaganda newspaper, Kharkov Z, is another example of a publication in support of the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine. The masthead is dominated by the letter Z, which has become a symbol of the invasion that began in February 2022. The newspaper was published in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine (most likely in Izium) while it was under the control of Russian Federation armed forces. This featured issue shows new achievements in the field of medicine on the front page and discusses preparations for the start of the new school year, thus creating a picture of a semblance of normal life, rather than the war.


Beim Bunkerknacken in der Stalinlinie - German volume cover

Author: Willi Kratzsch
Title: Beim Bunkerknacken in der Stalinlinie
Published: Darmstadt; Winkler; 1943

This small, rare volume describes German victory at the Stalin Line during World War II. The Stalin Line was along the border of the Soviet Union, facing Poland. It shows illustrations of bunkers and combat scenes, as well as reproductions of writings in German shorthand.


G. Freytags Karte von Ungarn - map of Hungary 1919

Author: Freytag und Berndt
Title: G. Freytags Karte von Ungarn : nach den bisherigen Demarkationslinien
Published: Wien; Kartographische Anstalt G. Freytag & Berndt; [1919]

This map’s variant title is Freytag-Berndt's Handkarten Ungarn: nach dem Friedensvertrag von Neuilly und mit Angabe der ethnographischen Grenze des magyarischen Siedlungsgebietes. As described in the title, the color map shows Hungary and territorial borders after the Peace Treaty of Neuilly (1919 November 27). There are also several inset maps, including historical maps of the Austria-Hungary monarchy and a population map of Österreich-Ungarn.


Zhenschina book cover

Title: Zhenshchina
Published: Petrograd, Russia; March 1915

The primary theme of this publication is the role of women in Russian society at the beginning of the twentieth century. The subtitle, мать - гражданка - жена - хозяйка, reveals common societal expectations for the roles of women at that time: mother - citizen - wife - housewife. At the outbreak of the First World War, Russian societal expectations for women evolved and it became more widely acceptable for women to have occupations, especially roles in support of the war effort, such as nurses and even soldiers.

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