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green, white and black illustration from 26 proverbios castellanos en acción

Issued by: Comissariat de Propaganda de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Artist: Luis V. Molné
Title: 26 proverbios castellanos en acción
Published: Barcelona, Comissariat de Propaganda de la Generalitat de Catalunya, 1937

This rare and colorful book contains twenty-six Spanish proverbs and was issued during the Spanish Civil War (1936–39). The Comissariat de Propaganda, formed in 1936 and dissolved in 1939, produced media and propaganda in support of the Republican forces during the war. Each proverb is accompanied by an illustration on the facing page, as well as Catalan, French, and English translations of the proverb.


Two Years - an anti-nazi mimeograph of Hitler

Title: 2 aar : talt og skrevet om Krigen mellem Sovjetunionen og Tyskland fra Krigens Begyndelse den 22. Juni 1941 til Toaarsdagen den 22. Juni 1943
Published: 1943

This mimeographed volume lacks publisher, printer, or creator information. It was manufactured in approximately 1943 Copenhagen, during the German occupation of Denmark (1940–45). An illegal and underground publication, it demonstrates anti-Nazi sentiments during the occupation and features caricatures and cartoons of Hitler and the NSDAP.




cover illustration for La Maroma periodical 1939

Title: La maroma
Published: Buenos Aires, 1939-

This anti-immigration Argentinian periodical advocates for an Argentina “para los argentinos” (for Argentines). There are comic illustrations throughout each issue. Articles and content are also critical of foreign economic interests in Argentina and include antisemitic and anti-British sentiments.






cover of a 2023 issued Russian history textbook

Author: V. R. Medinskiĭ, A. V. Torkunov
Title: Istorii︠a︡ : istorii︠a︡ Rossii : 1945 god - nachalo XXI veka ; 11 klass ; bazovyĭ urovenʹ [История : история России : 1945 год - начало XXI века ; 11 класс ; базовый уровень]
Published: Moskva : Prosveshchenie, 2023

An 11th-grade history textbook for high school students that was approved and endorsed by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. It covers the period after World War II until 2023. It presents the official narrative of the Russian Federation regarding the invasion of Ukraine. Propaganda textbooks are a powerful tool to access youth and disseminate official narratives. This textbook reiterates the official narratives of significant historical events, including the intervention in Georgia, the annexation of Crimea, and the invasion of Ukraine. It is rich in illustrations and contains a map of the Russian Federation, which incorrectly shows parts of Ukraine within the borders of the Russian Federation. The author, V. R. Medinskiĭ, also coauthored a 10th-grade high school history textbook, which minimizes the brutality of Stalin's deportations of ethnic minorities after WWII.

a page from photograph album of the Ohio Volunteers Infantry in the Spanish-American War

Creator: N.B. McClung
Title:  Photograph album of the Ohio Volunteers Infantry in the Spanish-American War
Production: [1898-1900]

A unique album containing 108 original photographs, the majority of which document United States Army life in Cuba during the Spanish-American War (1889–99). Most have handwritten captions in ink, identifying locations and subjects, however, the final twelve photographs are uncaptioned and depict farms scenes, likely of the creator’s Ohio home. The creator, N.B. (Nathan Boyd) McClung (1874–1923), was a member of the Ohio Volunteers, 6th Infantry Regiment, United States Army. An inscription on the front endpaper reads, “N.B. McClung. At one time a victim of the Hard Tack habit. Co. L., 6 O. Inf., U.S.V. Spanish American War 1898-99.”


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