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I Saw the Angel of Death book cover

Editors: Maciej Siekierski and Feliks Tych
Title: I Saw the Angel of Death : Experiences of Polish Jews Deported to the USSR during World War II
Published by: Hoover Institution Press, 2022

This is the first English translation of more than 150 testimonies of Polish Jews deported to the Soviet gulag during World War II. Editor Dr. Maciej Siekierski is a former Hoover research fellow and Curator Emeritus for European collections at the Hoover Institution Library & Archives.


Romancero legionario title page

Authors: Antonio Maciá Serrano
Title: Romancero legionario
Published by: Madrid, 1940

Capitán Antonio Maciá Serrano fought in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. This 1940 book of poetry calls upon Maciá’s experiences during the war. After the war, Maciá was a professor, military commander, and colonel. Hoover has significant holdings of poetry and other belle lettres that focus on the topics of war, political conflicts and movements, and the associated triumphs, losses, and atrocities. 


A page from the Turkey newspaper collection

Title:  Turkey newspaper collection 

The Hoover Institution's collecting history regarding newspapers spans over 80 years. Newspapers became an integral component of the "Hoover War Collection" soon after it was established in 1919 as a repository of materials on World War I and the states and societies involved in it. All of the titles within this collection have been revised and cataloged during the summer and fall of 2022. The Turkey newspaper collection (1867-1977) comprises one-hundred and five titles of publication, including some émigré titles, in Turkish, French, English, Russian, Kazakh, and Uighur.


Printsipy registratsii naseleniia title page

Author: Bliumenfelʹd, Robert Iosifovich
Title: Printsipy registratsii naseleniia : (Akty grazhdanskogo sostoianiia) 
Published by: Redaktsionno-izdatelʹskaia sektsiia Narodnogo komissariata vnutrennikh del, Moscow, 1922

This volume describes the principles of future civil registration in the USSR. Not long after the creation of the Soviet state, it was necessary to create laws that would deal with the state administration and the registration of citizens. The registration of marriages, births, and deaths passed from administration by the church to administration by the state. 


Geroicheskii perelet "Rodiny" title page

Author: Brontman, L. (Lazarʹ)
Title: Geroicheskii perelet "Rodiny"
Published by: Gosudarstvennoe izdatelʹstvo politicheskoi literatury, Moscow, 1938

This book describes the 1938 record-breaking flight between Moscow and the Komsomolsk-na-Amure made by highly decorated Soviet pilots, Valentina Grizodubova, Polina Osipenko, and Marina Raskova. These pilots broke barriers for female pilots in the Soviet Union. They were the first women to be awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Raskova was the first woman in the Soviet Union to achieve the diploma of professional air navigator. The arrival site of their famous flight, a village named Kerbi near the Sea of Okhotsk, was later renamed Imeni Poliny Osipenko in pilot Osipenko’s honor. 


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