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Book cover - The Relations Between Serbia And Austria-Hungary In The 20th Century

Author: Vladimir Ćorović
Title: The Relations Between Serbia And Austria-Hungary In The 20th Century
Published by: Archives of Yugoslavia, Institute for Balkan Studies (SASA), and Hoover Institution in 2018

Vladimir Ćorović analyzes the relations between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Serbia at the beginning of the 20th century, whose conflict led to the outbreak of WWI. As early as I932, Ćorović met Professor Ralph Haswell Lutz, the chairman of the Board of Directors at the Hoover Institution and signed a contract with Stanford University for an American edition of his book. The translation of Ćorović’s study was undertaken by the well-known Yugoslav diplomat Stojan Gavrilović. However, the planned American edition ironically shared the destiny of the original edition in Serbian language. The publication of the study in 1936 was not realized, since the Yugoslav government complied with the request of the Minister of the Third Reich (unknown representative) and forbade it. The Serbian edition was finally published in 1992 and the English language version in 2018. 


Title page - Protest protiv obshchestva

Authors: Gorky, Maksim; Tolstoy, Leo, graf; and Korolenko, Vladimir Galaktionovich
Title: Protest protiv obshchestva / Pisma po povodu Kishineva / Dom no 13
Published by: Hugo Steinitz, Berlin, [1904?]

This publication comprises reactions, criticisms, and descriptions of the Kishinev (Chisinau, Moldova) pogrom from April 1903, which was one of the biggest pogroms against Jews in the Russian Empire. It was written by three prominent Russian and Ukrainian writers and published in Berlin, most likely in 1904. This book was part of the Kuban Cossack Association Records. 



Map - Abstimmungsgebiet Oberschlesien

Author: Berliner Lithographisches Institut
Title: Abstimmungsgebiet Oberschlesien : Akte polnischer Wahlbeeinflussung 
Published by: Gea, Berlin, 1921

The map shows provincial and electoral boundaries, railway lines, roads, church villages, homesteads, mills, mines, drainage, and places of historical interest in Upper Silesia after World War I. The purpose of this map is to show the sites of Polish electoral influence through violence and other means in order to influence the results of the plebiscite. Featured on the map’s verso is an inscription, “Für Herrn Professor Dr. Lutz”. Professor/Dr. Lutz refers to Ralph Haswell Lutz who was the chair of the Board of Directors of the Hoover War Library from 1925 to 1943. The map was produced in Germany, in 1921.


Kresowiak soldiers wall-papers

Title: Kresowiak : [gazetka żołnierska : gazeta scienna] 
(Soldiers wall-papers)

One-sided wall newspapers, which were eventually folded, contained text in various colors, press clippings, and photographs. The newspaper was produced in a camp for Polish soldiers of 6 Kresowy Baon S.P. and 4 Warszawski Baon S.P. from 1945 to 1947. Kresowiak disseminated news among people in the camp and were displayed on walls. This title is part of the Poland newspaper collection, which comprises two-hundred and sixty-two different titles in Polish, German, Yiddish, English, and French. All of the titles within this newspaper collection are cataloged and their records are searchable in SearchWorks, WorldCat, and the OAC. 


Newspaper Cover - Persian newspaper collection

Title: Persian newspaper collection

The Hoover Institution's collecting history regarding newspapers spans over 80 years. Newspapers became an integral component of the "Hoover War Collection" soon after it was established in 1919 as a repository of materials on World War I and the states and societies involved in it. All of the titles within this collection have been revised and cataloged during the summer and fall of 2022. The Persian newspaper collection (1949-1999) comprises sixty different titles of publication, in English, Fārsī, and French. 


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