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Invisible photography and writing sympathetic ink

Compiler: Theodore Kytka
Title: Invisible photography and writing, sympathetic ink, etc.
Production: [San Francisco, Calif.], [printing date unidentified]

We recently found this declassified, uncataloged pamphlet in one of our vaults. The pamphlet lists invisible ink recipes and examination tips for post office inspectors. This very rare and fascinating document is now available to researchers after being kept in a vault since the Hoover Institution acquired it in 1942. It suggests, “The rule is to suspect and examine every possible thing. The war between the spy or forger and the expert is continually bringing out new methods.”


Retratos da infância na imigração japonesa ao Brasil

Authors: Monica Musatti Cytrynowicz, Roney Cytrynowicz
Title: Retratos da infância na imigração japonesa ao Brasil
Published: Liberdade, São Paulo, Editora Narrativa Um, [2017]

This richly illustrated volume shows archival materials, art, books, and artifacts from the collection of the Museu Histórico da Imigração Japonesa no Brasil in São Paulo, Brazil. This museum, library, and archives focuses on collecting materials that document Japanese immigration to Brazil beginning in the late 19th century. The book features materials from a permanent exhibition focusing on Japanese immigration and communities in Brazil from 1908 to 1958.


No pasaran zbirka tekstova 2007-2009

Author: Filip Kovačević
Title:  No pasaran : zbirka tekstova, 2007-2009
Published: Igalo, Biro konto, 2010

This book contains texts by Filip Kovačević that were originally published in the independent weekly Monitor and the daily newspaper Vijesti in Montenegro from September 2007 to 2009. The author advocates for a more just and democratic Montenegro and critiques the autocratic nature of the modern, post-independence Montenegrin government.




Kratkoe geografichesko-statisticheskoe opisanīe Kalifornīi

Compiler: G. Blok
Title: Kratkoe geografichesko-statisticheskoe opisanīe Kalifornīi
Published: S.-Peterburg, V morskoĭ tipografīi, 1850

This book of California was published in 1850, at the height of the California Gold Rush, in St. Petersburg. Written in pre-reform Russian orthography, it describes California's geography, natural resources, political conditions, social customs, and gold mining conditions. There are two leaves of folded maps, showing a total of ten maps of California. The maps show features in relief using finely drawn hachures. They look quite different from modern maps in the shape and proportions of California geography. We can imagine Russian readers being tempted to join the rush for gold and immigrate to California while reading descriptions of the state.


Gonimye voĭnoĭ svideteli ukrainskoĭ tragedii v podkaste Gumanitarnyĭ koridor Radio Svoboda

Editors: Igor Pomerantsev and Ivan Tolstoi; English translation: Olga Polenova
Title: Gonimye voĭnoĭ : svideteli ukrainskoĭ tragedii v podkaste "Gumanitarnyĭ koridor" Radio Svoboda
Published: Praga, Radio Svoboda, 2023

This book presents testimonies of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine by individuals interviewed on the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty podcast Humanitarian Corridor. Witnesses of these events spoke about life within the occupied territories, running away from their homes, their refugee experiences, and settling in foreign countries. This edition of the book is printed in two languages, Russian and English, and there is also another edition in Russian and Ukrainian.



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