Newly Processed Collections Now Available At Hoover Archives

Monday, September 14, 2015
The new archives reading room on April 15, 2014

The new archives reading room on April 15, 2014
The new archives reading room on April 15, 2014

Hoover Archives has recently processed and made available the following collections:

Shirley Mae Stark papers

The papers of Shirley Mae Stark, wife of US prisoner of war William Stark and advocate on behalf of the US prisoners of war (POWs) in Vietnam, consist of correspondence, newsletters, press releases, bulletins, clippings, other printed matter, photographs, and memorabilia relating to American POWs and their families during the Vietnam War. The papers include correspondence with and issuances of the Department of the Navy, other US government officials, and voluntary organizations concerned with the welfare of prisoners of war, especially the National League of Families of American Prisoners in Southeast Asia. Also included are numerous letters from members of the public.

We Supported Our Men in Vietnam Records

We Supported Our Men in Vietnam, Inc., was established in 1967 when New York fire chief Ray Gimmler had the idea of organizing the Support Our Boys in Vietnam Parade. The goal was to counteract the growing antiwar movement and show US members of the service in Vietnam that they had the support of the American people. The collections consist of correspondence, clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, and memorabilia, as well as sound and video recordings that document the organization’s efforts to mobilize support for Americans who served in the Vietnam War.

Alfred Connor Bowmen Papers

The Alfred Connor Bowman Papers contain reports, writings, research materials, correspondence, photographs, and audiovisual materials relating to the Allied Military Government (AMG) occupation in Venezia Giulia region of Italy and, to a lesser extent, the initial US operations in the Korean War. The bulk of the collection concerns Alfred Bowman's career as a senior civil affairs officer and military governor for the AMG; the file contains declassified reports, criminal case files, correspondence, and press summaries relating to the sociopolitical climate of postwar Italy and the growing conflict between Italians and Yugoslavs.

Pia-Maria Starck Papers

The Pia-Maria Starck papers contain a wide range of views regarding education reform in West Germany during the 1960s–80s, represented by a large collection of pamphlets and serial issues published by various political and social advocacy groups.

Enrique Bermúdez Varela Papers

The Enrique Bermúdez Varela Papers contain reports, memoranda, clippings, and other printed matter relating to political conditions and civil war in Nicaragua.  As the founder and, for ten years, the top official military commander of the Fuerza Democrática Nicaragüense, Bermúdez met with US president Ronald Reagan and other top officials, including Alfonso Robelo, Adolfo Calero, and Arturo Cruz.