Sound Disc Recordings in Tarsaidze Papers Digitized

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Tarsaidze Papers Digitized
Tarsaidze Papers Digitized

Recordings of music and the spoken word in the papers of Alexandre Georgievich Tarsaidze, a GeorgianAmerican author and public relations executive, have been digitized by Hoover's audio lab. Among those recordings are undated interviews in English with Tarsaidze and others and a memorial service for the Russian imperial family and other victims of communist terror held in Belgium in 1968. The guide to the Tarsaidze papers contains a list of the sound recordings.

This work is part of a project to digitize disc recordings in archival collections at Hoover. Those discs, which are often more difficult to work with than audiotape recordings, are digitized in-house, creating both high-quality preservation masters and use copies.

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