Sound Recordings in V. G. Ulitin Papers Digitized by Hoover

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More than a dozen audiotapes in the papers of Vladimir Grigor'evich Ulitin have been digitized for access and preservation. Included are extended interviews of Ulitin, a Russian-American educator and relief worker, in which he discusses his life and family, his relationship to the church, and the spirit of the Cossacks. Use copies of all sound recordings in the collection are available for listening at the Hoover Archives.

The Ulitin interviews were recorded in the 1980s, but many other recordings in the collection are undated. These include a speech by the Reverend L. Kishkovsky, "Church and State Relations in Russia Today," which concentrates on Russia in the 1990s, and a reading of Russian poetry and prose by V. Markov. The 1998 memorial service for Valentin Berezhkov, a Russian who interpreted for Stalin and Molotov, is also included.

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