Stanford Undergraduate Shares Her Experiences Working in the Hoover Archives

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stanford undergraduate student and Hoover Archives intern Loralee Sepsey will receive her BA in English literature and creative writing in the spring of 2018. Currently she is processing rare materials that will be made available to researchers in the Hoover reading room
By Loralee Sepsey, Stanford Class of 2018


I’ve held the archives intern position at Hoover since October 2014 and loved every minute of it. Compared to other jobs open to young people (I worked at a K-Mart for a year and a half; I know the struggle), this position is honestly a dream. It’s relaxing, fun, and extremely cool—I mean, I’ve seen and touched stuff signed by Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Noam Chomsky, and, of course, Herbert Hoover himself. You get to work closely with these old documents, surveying them, reorganizing them, logging them so others will be able to use your reference guide to conduct their own research. It’s amazing. When you learned about stuff like the world wars, Vietnam, the Russian Revolution in your dusty old high school history classes, you never dreamed you’d be able to handle artifacts involved in those eras. If you’re a huge history nerd like me, it’s a dream come true.