Thumbnails from videotapes (clockwise from top right): Reagan ad "Foreign Policy" (Citizens for Reagan Records, Hoover Instituti

Three campaign ads from Ronald Reagan's unsuccessful presidential primary run in 1976, and four press-conference-style meetings of Governor Reagan with high school students, have been added to California Light and Sound.

One videotape in the group includes an unexpected bonus: a public service announcement about seat belts starring Reagan, who urges viewers to "belt yourself." It joins similar public safety television ads from the 1970s, one in which football quarterback John Hadl promotes motorcycle helmets and another in which baseball player Frank Edwin "Tug" McGraw Jr. advocates bicycle safety.

The newly digitized videorecordings are:

The videotapes are from two collections at Hoover, the Citizens for Reagan Records and The Governor and the Students Videotape Series. They join other tapes from those collections that are already available on the website. All were digitized and posted on the Internet Archive as part of the California Audiovisual Preservation Program.

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