These collections focus on political, social, and economic conditions in Afghanistan in the modern period. Particularly well documented are the Soviet invasion, the civil war of 1992, and US military operations during the war in Afghanistan beginning in 2001. Other topics include US economic assistance and development of education.

Afghan Partisan Serials Collection

Four thousand individual issues of twenty-nine newspapers, journals, and magazines relating to political conditions and warfare in Afghanistan

Afghan Subject Collection

Miscellaneous materials

Archives Of The Soviet Communist Party And Soviet State Microfilm

Materials related to Afghanistan from the Russian State Archive of Contemporary History

Laura Rauch Photographs

Associated Press photographer in Afghanistan, 2002–4

Taliban Support Council Issuances

Materials related to the civil war in Afghanistan, 1993–97

Terence White Collection

Photojournalist and author, A Taste for Hot Steel: Frontline Encounters of a Foreign Correspondent

Said Hyder Akbar Sound Recordings

Journalist and author, Come Back to Afghanistan: A California Teenager’s Story


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Digital Images from Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan at Hoover Archives

Born-digital photographs depicting US National Guard units deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and images of leaflets and flyers distributed in those countries, are available for research at the Hoover Archives.

January 09, 2013
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