The Argentine collections contain the extensive correspondence of Juan Domingo Peron during his years of exile, as well as the papers of several leading Peronists and socialists. Those are complemented by a major radical newspaper and pamphlet collection for the period 1899–1986, as well as by numerous papers relating to US diplomats and various leaders of labor and Trotskyist organizations.   


Juan Domingo Perón Papers

President of Argentina, 1946–55       

Juan Atilio Bramuglia Papers

Argentine minister of foreign affairs, 1946–49

Hipólito Jesús Paz Papers

Argentine ambassador to the United States, 1951–55

Luis Fernando Calviño Papers

Argentine civil servant and Peronist leader

Torcato S. Di Tella Collection

Publications by political organizations in Argentina

Américo Ghioldi Papers

Argentine socialist leader

John Davis Lodge Papers

US ambassador to Argentina, 1969–74

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Hoover Archives adds rare Evita Peron document and exile archive of Juan Domingo Peron

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Hoover Library and Archives has just acquired a rare handwritten political manuscript by Evita Peron and the bulk of Juan Domingo Peron's archive.

Press Releases
Juan Domingo Perón portrayed on a 1950 calendar issued by the Argentine government.

Juan Domingo Perón Papers

The Hoover Institution Library and Archives have long collected materials relating to Peronism, a movement, founded by Argentine leader Juan Domingo Perón...

Berlin Civilians watching an airlift plane land at Templehof Airport, 1948

Papers of Argentine Juan Atilio Bramuglia, President of UN Security Council during the Berlin Blockade

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Hoover Institution has long had the best collection in any public archive in the world on Juan Domingo Perón and Peronism in Argentina. An important part of the Peronism collection, which relates more directly to world politics than most other Perón materials, has long been the personal archive of Juan Atilio Bramuglia (d. 1962), which was recently been strengthened by the acquisition of new materials related to the Berlin Blockade that began in 1948. This collection now includes cables and private correspondence between Bramuglia and Perón on the Berlin crisis and other materials, including speeches, interviews, and photographs, relating to international and Argentine domestic affairs.



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